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Authorities Demolish Religious Sanctuaries in Northern Maungdaw

By Rohingya Eye | March 14, 2017

Maungdaw – The Myanmar authorities have recently demolished mosques and cemeteries at the village of ‘Wapeik’ in northern Maungdaw while setting up a quarter for the displaced Rohingyas of the village.

The government has planned to only return the displaced villagers only one third of their original lands and to stuff the villagers in a small slum-like quarter being set up. One small plot of land and one small house have been considered as per one ‘Household Registration List’, regardless of the numbers of the families within that ‘household registration list.’

However, many of the Rohingyas in Maungdaw as well as other parts of Arakan state have huge family members in one single ‘Household Registration List’ because the authorities have denied them to issue new and separate ‘household registration lists’ for generations or as the family members have grown coming down the generations.

“The Myanmar military burnt down our homes last year and we became displaced. They are returning us only one-third of our original village and building a small IDP Camps-like quarter. None of us wants to accept this.

“Worse, they are demolishing mosques, cemeteries, roads and other historical evidences in order to destroying evidences of the human habitats/societies in the village”, said an internally displaced person at ‘Wapeik’ village.

Although the villagers vehemently oppose the government’s inconsiderate resettlement plan, the Maungdaw District and Township administrations along with the Border Guard Police (BGP) have been constantly pressuring and threatening the villagers since March 25.

 [Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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