Audio: Interview with Rohingya Survivor of Rakhine Terror Attack in Kyauktaw

By April 12, 2014 19:30

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We have earlier reported you that there are as many as 78 Rohingyas from Kyauktaw township are missing as armed Rakhine (Maghs) terrorists attacked them in a forest on their way to Buthidaung and Maungdaw. (Report HERE). A bit different to what we have reported earlier, there are 11 people that managed to come back a live from the attack, not 12 (people).

And listen to the interview with a Rohingya Survivor of the terror attack. He is from the villag of Zailla Fara (Kyauktaw Paikthay) and 24-years-old. English translation of the interview is provided.

Interview translated into English by M.S. Anwar

00:00-00:04 Assalamualaikum! (Peace be upon you!)

00:04-00:07 My name is Mohammed Hashim.

00:07-00:12 I am one of the 11 surving victims of the terror attack.

00:13-00:14 We set off for Bangladesh on 7th (April 2014).

00:17-00:19 After we had left (Kyauktaw), we walked for 4:30 hours.

00:19-00:22 Had we walked for half an hour more, we would have reaced to Aaga Taung (Aaga Mountain).

00:23-00:30 After that, we encountered with a gang of half-masked Magh (Rakhine) terrorists. Each of them had a gun and a sword.

00:31-00:36 At that time, our (human trafficking) agents were before in front of us and I was behind them.

00:36-00:40 When they shot at us, people began running to and fro and lost contacts with one another.

00:41-00:45 The agents ran away to one direction and I did to another direction.

00:45-00:48 As I was running, I encountered with other members of the gang.

00:48-00:50 They were about to SLAUGHTER a Rohingya woman.

00:50-00:52 We became seven people at the place as others, too, were running to their sights like me.

00:56-00:59 So, the terrorists looted all of our money and belongings.

01:00-01:02 They brutally beat us. They tortured us.

01:05-01:07 Then, they forced us to sit there.

01:07-01:11 After that, there was sound of gun-shot from Aaga Taung was heard. They ordered us to sit tight there and not to move away.

01:11-01:14 Then, they moved towards the Aaga Taung. And they didn’t come back.

01:15-01:19 So, we sat tight there until dawn and then, we left the place for a safer place lest we should be caught by other gangs of terrorists.

01:20-01:25 Then, when we hiked to the top of the mountain, we met with other three people.

01:26-01:29 and one children. So, total four.

01:30-01:33 So, including the agents, there were 11 people in total.

01:34-01:38 So, we only 11 managed to come alive. We lost contact with other people.

01:39-01:41 Till date, we don’t know their whereabouts.

01:46-01:48 We left from here (Kyauktaw) at 9:30PM on 7th April 2014.

01:49-01:55 We encountered with the terrorists and they fired at us at 12:30AM of the night.

01:56-01:58 After that, we lost contact with one another.

01:59-02:02 Those that managed to come back were only 11 icluding the agents.

02:03-02:05 And we have information of other people. We don’t know where they are yet.

02:06-02:08 They inhumanly beat and tortured us.

02:14-02:16 They inhumanly beat us.

02:17-02:25 We don’t know if they were Myanmar military or Rakhine militants. Everyone of them had a gun and a sword. They were about 15 people.

02:26-02:32 All of them fired warningshots simulataneously but not at us first.

02:33-02:36 They tied all of us with rope.

02:37-02:40 When they were about to slaughter US, there was a sound of gun-shot heard from Aaga Taung.

02:41-02:44 So, they left for Aaga Taung and ordered us to sit tight at the place.

02:45-02:48 We don’t know whom the terrorists encountered with after that. They didn’t return.

02:49-02:56 It was about dawn. Being worried of other possible attacks, we hiked to top of the Aaga Taung.

02:57-03:01 When we hiked to the top of the mountain, we met with one (Rohingya) person first.

03:01-03:10 Then, one child and in total, we, 11 people, managed to come back.

03:11-03:15 How many were you in total in the group? (Interviewer)

03:15-03:19 About 130 people!!! Of them, we, only 11 people, came back?

03:20-03:22 How many men and how many women? (Interviewer)

03:22-03:23 There would be more than 40 women.

03:23-03:25 How many children? (Interviewer)

03:25-03:31 Children will be around 20. They were going with their mother.

03:32:03:35 And the rest were adult males?? (Interviewer)

03:36-03:44 Of 130 people, there were 40 women, 20 children and the rest were adult males.




By April 12, 2014 19:30

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