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Audio: Interview with Rohingya Survivor of Rakhine Terror Attack in Kyauktaw

Sunday, April 13, 2014

We have earlier reported you that there are as many as 78 Rohingyas from Kyauktaw township are missing as armed Rakhine (Maghs) terrorists attacked them in a forest on their way to Buthidaung and Maungdaw. (Report HERE). A bit different to what we have reported earlier, there are 11 people that managed to come back a live from the attack, not 12 (people).

And listen to the interview with a Rohingya Survivor of the terror attack. He is from the villag of Zailla Fara (Kyauktaw Paikthay) and 24-years-old. English translation of the interview is provided.

Interview translated into English by M.S. Anwar

00:00-00:04 Assalamualaikum! (Peace be upon you!)

00:04-00:07 My name is Mohammed Hashim.

00:07-00:12 I am one of the 11 surving victims of the terror attack.

00:13-00:14 We set off for Bangladesh on 7th (April 2014).

00:17-00:19 After we had left (Kyauktaw), we walked for 4:30 hours.

00:19-00:22 Had we walked for half an hour more, we would have reaced to Aaga Taung (Aaga Mountain).

00:23-00:30 After that, we encountered with a gang of half-masked Magh (Rakhine) terrorists. Each of them had a gun and a sword.

00:31-00:36 At that time, our (human trafficking) agents were before in front of us and I was behind them.

00:36-00:40 When they shot at us, people began running to and fro and lost contacts with one another.

00:41-00:45 The agents ran away to one direction and I did to another direction.

00:45-00:48 As I was running, I encountered with other members of the gang.

00:48-00:50 They were about to SLAUGHTER a Rohingya woman.

00:50-00:52 We became seven people at the place as others, too, were running to their sights like me.

00:56-00:59 So, the terrorists looted all of our money and belongings.

01:00-01:02 They brutally beat us. They tortured us.

01:05-01:07 Then, they forced us to sit there.

01:07-01:11 After that, there was sound of gun-shot from Aaga Taung was heard. They ordered us to sit tight there and not to move away.

01:11-01:14 Then, they moved towards the Aaga Taung. And they didn’t come back.

01:15-01:19 So, we sat tight there until dawn and then, we left the place for a safer place lest we should be caught by other gangs of terrorists.

01:20-01:25 Then, when we hiked to the top of the mountain, we met with other three people.

01:26-01:29 and one children. So, total four.

01:30-01:33 So, including the agents, there were 11 people in total.

01:34-01:38 So, we only 11 managed to come alive. We lost contact with other people.

01:39-01:41 Till date, we don’t know their whereabouts.

01:46-01:48 We left from here (Kyauktaw) at 9:30PM on 7th April 2014.

01:49-01:55 We encountered with the terrorists and they fired at us at 12:30AM of the night.

01:56-01:58 After that, we lost contact with one another.

01:59-02:02 Those that managed to come back were only 11 icluding the agents.

02:03-02:05 And we have information of other people. We don’t know where they are yet.

02:06-02:08 They inhumanly beat and tortured us.

02:14-02:16 They inhumanly beat us.

02:17-02:25 We don’t know if they were Myanmar military or Rakhine militants. Everyone of them had a gun and a sword. They were about 15 people.

02:26-02:32 All of them fired warningshots simulataneously but not at us first.

02:33-02:36 They tied all of us with rope.

02:37-02:40 When they were about to slaughter US, there was a sound of gun-shot heard from Aaga Taung.

02:41-02:44 So, they left for Aaga Taung and ordered us to sit tight at the place.

02:45-02:48 We don’t know whom the terrorists encountered with after that. They didn’t return.

02:49-02:56 It was about dawn. Being worried of other possible attacks, we hiked to top of the Aaga Taung.

02:57-03:01 When we hiked to the top of the mountain, we met with one (Rohingya) person first.

03:01-03:10 Then, one child and in total, we, 11 people, managed to come back.

03:11-03:15 How many were you in total in the group? (Interviewer)

03:15-03:19 About 130 people!!! Of them, we, only 11 people, came back?

03:20-03:22 How many men and how many women? (Interviewer)

03:22-03:23 There would be more than 40 women.

03:23-03:25 How many children? (Interviewer)

03:25-03:31 Children will be around 20. They were going with their mother.

03:32:03:35 And the rest were adult males?? (Interviewer)

03:36-03:44 Of 130 people, there were 40 women, 20 children and the rest were adult males.




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