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Attempts and Atrocities by Myanmar’s Military to Conceal a Rape Crime against a Rohingya Girl

Reports by Aung Aung (@aungaungsittwe) and Saman Leesanee

Compiled by M.S. Anwar | September 29, 2013

Ming-Byaa Township, Arakan State:

27th September, 2013

1) Around 2PM on 27th Septemeber 2013, two Myanmar military raped a 18-year-old Rohingya girl named Zaitun Bahar @Gulubi daughter of Habibullah at the village of Sangyi Pyin in Min-Byaa Township, Arakan state.

2) Around 3PM of the day, the same Myanmar military personnel arrested innocent Rohingya named Ba Kyaw @Ahmed Sayed S/o Mohammed Amin (Age 27) from the same village.

3) At 3:30PM, Military called up the girl’s parents to their camp and forced them to say that Ba Kyaw had raped their daughter. The military officer tortured Ba Kyaw and forced his family to pay a ramsom amount, Kyat 800,000, to let him be released. However, despite the extortion of humungous amount of money, the military have not freed Ba Kyaw yet.

Then, the military paid Kyat 500,000 to the girl’s parents and treatened not to tell anyone who the actual rapists were. They threatened the girl’s parents “if you tell the truth, your family will be in danger.”

4) Some Rohingyas in the village reported the incident to their friends in other parts of the country. At 5PM of the day, some military personnel raided the village and attempted to arrest 7 Rohingya men suspected for reporting the case. When the men fled, the military beat up their family members and threatened to punish anyone who would try to report the case to anyone.


Ming-Byaa Township, Arakan State:

28th September, 2013

1) At 3PM on 28th September 2013, the above-mentioned military arrested two more Rohingyas, Abdullah (Age 22) and Ali Ahmed (Age 35), from the village. They started torturing the two Rohingyas to reveal the names of the people who had reported on the rape case.

2) And Ali Ahmed (Age 35) mentioned above DIED at around 7PM on 28th Septemebr 2013 due to the tortures by the military.

3) Military started raiding house by house in the said village to find out the people who reported the rape case. Therefore, the lives of the few people who have mobile phones are facing life-threatening danger.


Ming-Byaa Township, Arakan State:

29th September, 2013

1) At 1AM today (i.e. on 29th September 2013), the military and Rakhine Security Force broke down the bridge to the village of Sangyi Pyin, Min-Byaa to prevent anyone from going to the village. They blocked the village. It looks like they are going to commit massacres of innocent Rohingya villagers.

2) At 2PM of the day, a Rakhine Terror Network in the township robbed Kyat 400,000 from Rohingyas’ houses at the village of Paikthay, Min-Byaa Township. Then, the robbed money was said to have been donated to the monastery of Dhamma-Yun in the township. Similar things have been happening in the township since June 2012.

3)At 3:30PM today, two from the village of Paikthay, one from Rohingyas from the village of Sandali Fara and another from the village of Thaddar (Sic) were on their way to the neighboring villages in order to buy some food rations. Meanwhile, the Rakhine Terror Network attacked them and robbed their money. They are critically injured now. Two of them are: 1) Hussain (Age 28) from the village of Paikthay and 2) Azizurrahman (age 25) from the village of Thaddar (sic). The other two are from the village of Sandali and Paikthay respectively.



Min-Bya, Mrauk-U, Mye-Bun, Thandwe, Rambre are a few

ships where Rohingya and Kaman people are minorities and persecuted like nowhere else. Yet, the atrocities against Muslims in these township have largely unknown to the world. Hardly any international observer or reporter is given access to these regions. On top of that, Rohingya and Kaman community in the townnships have been systematically blocked and being starved to death. These are some of the modern-day silent-killing fields.

Min Bya Township (Photo: Google Map)
Min Bya Township (Photo: Google Map)

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