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Atrocities against Rohingyas: Tortures and Money Extortions by Police and Security Force

Compiled by M.S. Anwar

Maungdaw Township, Arakan State- Wednesday, April 14, 2014

Since 2012, Security Force and Police have committed countless crimes against Rohingyas.
Since 2012, Security Force and Police have committed countless crimes against Rohingyas.

Case# 1: Security Force and Administrator of Alay Than Kyaw Extort Money from Rohingya Villagers

Madina Fara is a Rohingya village under Alay Than Kyaw (Haisshurata) tract in southern Maungdaw. U Aung Thek Naing, a Rakhine extremist and village administrator of the village, together with Security Force (Hlun Htein) members raided and looted many homes in the village under various pretexts on 12th May 2014 night. Some of the names of the heads of the households from which they (U Aung Thek Naing and Security Force) extorted money are:

1)       Mohammed Johar (son of) Laalu, Kyat 400,000 extorted for repairing his house

2)       Dilla (son of) Ausi Ahmed, Kyat 60,000 extorted, allegation not known

3)       Rohimullah (son of) Dalil, Kyat 100,000 extorted for visiting his neighbor’s house

4)       Ismail (son of) Dolu Hussein, Kyat 100,000 extorted, allegation not known

According to the locals, they extorted Kyat 1,800,000 from the villagers in a single night. Sources add that Security Force has been raiding Rohingya homes every night and become as brutal and barbaric as once NaSaKa (the disbanded Border Security Force) were. (Report by Hla Htin)


Case#2: Police Threat Rohingyas for Money

Mv Akram, U Salim and other four carpenters together run a self-made-furniture shop in the village of Kyeing Chaung (Bawli Bazaar), northern Maungdaw. Around 10AM on 12th May 2014, two members of Border Police Force (one- Second Lieutenant and one constable Police Officer) from Kyeing Chaung Police Station arrived at the shop.

They demanded the shop owners to buy a CDMA Phone worth Kyat 400,000 for Commander of the Police Station. When they refused to fulfill their demand, they threatened that they would cancel their (the shop owners’) shop license. So, they ordered the shop owners to pay Kyat 400,000 (Kyat 300,000 for Phone and Kyat 100,000 for SIM Card) to the Police by 20 days from the day they made the demand. (Report by MYARF)


Case#3: Security Force Severely Beat Up a Rohingya Teenager for Money

Liakaut Ali (son of) Shuna Ali is an 18-year-old Rohingya teenager hails from the village of Italia (Hettalia-Naitor Dil), Maungdaw Township. He was visiting the village of ShweZar (Shujah) by his motorcycle around 10AM on 11th May 2014. Meanwhile, he was stopped by Hlun Htein (Security Force) at the check-post at ShweZar Bridge.

They seized one gold chain and two gold rings belonged to the boy. Besides, they seized his mobile phone (legally provided by the government). Then, they body-searched him and put a Bangala Sim Card into his pocket. After that, they took him into their camp and tortured from 10:30AM to 11:30AM. The Hlun Htein demanded Kyat 500,000 from him to get himself released.

In his inability to tolerate tortures by the Hlun Htein, he eventually had to pay Kyat 300,000 to get himself freed. This is how Hlun Htein and other departments with authority torture and persecute Rohingyas daily. (Report by Maung Z)


Case#4: Police from Mrawaddi Station Arrest Innocent Rohingya to Squeeze Money

Hafizullah (son of) Khalu, a 47-year-old Rohingya man, hails from the village of Wachcha in southern Maungdaw, was looking after his cattle around 3PM on 11th May 2014. Meanwhile, Second In-Command of Border Police Force from station based at Mrawaddi village arrested him under accusation that his cattle intruded into their park. Then, he transferred him to the office of the administration of Hlun Htein (Security Force) of Region 7 in Alay Than Kyaw (HaisshuRata), southern Maungdaw.

The Administrator of Hlun Htein inhumanely tortured him and extorted Kyat 50,000 for his release. Therefore, the Rohingya man still needs to take medications because of the injuries resulted from the tortures.

Similarly, the same police arrested Mohammed Anas (son of) Aanzal Hussein (of Age 8) on 10th May 2014 while he was on his way back home after collecting firewood from forest nearby. He was sent to the office of the administration of Hlun Htein as well. He was brutally tortured and released only after an extortion of Kyat 150,000. The kid is still taking treatments at Alay Than Kyaw because of his injuries. (Report by Sindhi Khan)


Case#5: Innocent Rohingyas’ Names Arbitrarily Removed from Family Census List

In relation to the murders of three Rohingyas by Myanmar military-backed Dacoits (Read HERE) in the village of Thinbaw Kway (Kullon) on 3rd May 2014, Maungdaw Police made an arbitrary list to arrest 100 innocent Rohingyas in the village. Since then, the 100 Rohingyas have gone into hiding in order to escape the arbitrary arrests.

On 10th May 2014, a joint group of Police, Security Force (Hlun Htein) and Immigration (Lawaka) from Inn Dinn (Aan Daang) Station raided the homes of a few Rohingyas in the aforesaid list. Since the authority were not able to find out any of them, they (the authority) removed their (the Rohingyas on the run) names from the family census list (Aa Hta Sa Saa-ying). Authority’s arbitrary actions can disable them to legally live in the country.

The names of those that were removed from the family census lists are:

1)       U Nurul Hoque (son of) Sayedur Rahman

2)       Mukhtar (son of) Khala

3)       Iliyaz (son of) Salamatullah

4)       Zubair (son of) Salimullah

5)       Hassan (son of) Sayedullah (Report by MYARF)

Note: the reports are compiled in as exact speech as it has been reported by the correspondents in Arakan

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