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Atrocities against Rohingyas by Myanmar Border Guard Police

By Rohingya Eye & MYARF

Thursday, July 17, 2014 ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

A Rohingya has been killed by unknown assailants in northern Maungdaw and Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) has gone rampant to arrest innocent Rohingya in the region, whereas the BGP has arrested two innocent Rohingya in two separate incidents in the same region, according to reliable sources.

BGP Headquarter in Taung Pyo Sub-Township, Northern Maungdaw
BGP Headquarter in Taung Pyo Sub-Township, Northern Maungdaw

“Junaid (son of) Noor Bashar, 28-year-old Rohingya hails from Quarter 2 of Taung Pyo sub-township team in northern Maungdaw, set off for fishing to river on June 30. Since then, he had not come back home. On June 6, however, his dead body without several injuries and bruises was found on a river bank. We feel some Rakhine extremists operating in the nearby forests have killed him.

Therefore, his villagers informed the authority and requested for the dead body for the burial. After being requested several times, the authority allowed the corpse for the burial in the evening of the day.

From the day onward, Border Guard Police in the village started raiding the village and trying to arrest the innocent villagers under the blatant allegation of the murder (of their own man). Many Rohingya men have gone into hiding since then.

The BGP arbitrarily arrested Adus Salam (son of) Abu, 38-year-old innocent Rohingya in the village. He was detained, soaked in hot water and tortured severely. Now, he has gone missing and is no longer in the police intention. Therefore, his family is extremely worried that he was killed by the authority” said a Rohingya in the village on the condition of anonymity.

On the other hand, the Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily arrested a Rohingya Shopkeeper in the region.

“There is a Border Guard Police (BGP) Station camp based in Kyein Chaung village also known as Bawli Bazaar in the northern Maungdaw. Around 12:30PM on June 12, a few police personnel from the station arrested a Rohingya shopkeeper that runs an electronic shop in a nearby Kamauk Seik village under an arbitrary accusation of selling illegal imported products from Bangladesh. The arrestee is Shafi Ullah (son of) Sayed Hussein hails from Bodalla hamlet of Kamauk Seik village tract.

They confiscated 15 Solar Panels (of 20W and 30W), 42 Smart Phones, Three Torch Lights (each worth Kyat 25,000) and One CDMA Phone from his shop. Then, he was sent to Maungdaw Police Station along with the seized products” said an elderly Rohingya declining to be named.


“Similarly, Muzaffar (son of) Mohammed Sayed is a 27-year-old Rohingya hails from Mingalar Gyi Quarter, northern Maungdaw. While he was going to Kyauk Hle Kar village for buying foodstuffs around 11AM on June 7, he was arrested by Border Guard Police (BGP) from Region 6 BGP camp under the accusation of fishing in a BGP-owned-fishing pond in La-bau-zarr village.

Afterwards, he was detained and sent to BGP Headquarter in Kyi Kan Pyin Village also known as Khawar Bil. However, the truth is that he is a youth and student with no habit of fishing” he added.

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