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Atrocities by Myanmar Military against Rohingya People in Rathedaung

By Maung Saw Hlaing Thein, Sallam Oic Group

Friday, 2nd May 2014

Rathedaung Jetty (Photo:
Rathedaung Jetty (Photo:

Rathedaung, Arakan- Captain Phyo Si Thu of Military Battalion 551 arbitrarily arrested two Rohingyas in Rathedaung Township on 28th April 2014. He inhumanely beat them and extorted Kyat 100,000 for their release. Locals say this is not first time that he has done so.

“Rohingya people in Rathedaung Township have been blocked and their ways to livelihoods have been cut off. Thus, they are facing difficulties in every aspect of their lives. Besides, they also face fuel crisis as they are unable to go to forests to gather firewood.

Therefore, around 12:00PM on 28th April 2014, two Rohingyas from the village of Annauk Pyin came out on look for cow’s dung used as fuel in open fields by the village. Meanwhile, Captain Phyo Si Thu of Military Battalion 551 arrested them for no reason. (The military captain is in charge of the security in the region.)  He inhumanely tortured them and demanded Kyat 100,000 for their release. Therefore, the villagers of Annauk Pyin raised the money and gave to the captain so as to get the two Rohingyas released.

They two Rohingyas are identified as

1)       U Abdur Rahman (son of) Motur Ahmed (of Age 42)

2)       Halibi (son of) U Abdul Majid (of Age 38). He always arbitrarily arrest people, torture them and extorted money for release” said a local of the village.