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By MYARF ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Police and Border Guard Police (BGP) in Maungdaw Township have recently escalated harassing innocent Rohingyas and arbitrary extortions of money, whereas the people found using internet on mobile phones are also arbitrarily imprisoned, according to the local reports.

The police and sometimes the military arrest random people passing-by and chatting in restaurant and tea-stalls etc and harass them for ransom.

“A joint group of the Border Guard Police (BGP), the Police and the Military arbitrarily arrested seven Rohingya youths chatting at a tea-stall around 8:00PM last night (i.e. 3rd November night). The place is ‘Ali’ village of Myoma Taung Quarter (Quarter 2), Maungdaw. They entered and raided the village with seven motor bikes.

They handcuffed the youths for no reason and took them to the police station. Having harassed them and extorted Kyat 1 Million from them, the authority released them after a few hours” said a local Rohingya in Maungdaw.

[row][double_paragraph]He continued saying “similarly, a team of police personnel from Maungdaw Police Station was patrolling in the downtown around 9:00PM on November 3. Meanwhile, the patrolling raided the ‘Ali’ village and arbitrarily arrested five Rohingya youths chatting by the road. They extorted some money from them and released them afterwards. [/double_paragraph][double_paragraph][blockquote style=”1″]”On one hand, they are persecuting us beyond imagination. On another hand, they don’t want us to tell the world about the oppressions or the world to come to know about our catastrophic plight.” [/blockquote][/double_paragraph] [/row]

The same police patrol team raided ‘Dael Fara’ hamalet of Myoma Kayintan (also known as Shidda Fara) village around 11:00PM at the same night. They entered the residence of U Abul Kalam under the pretext of *Guest-List-Check. In the house, the police found a mobile phone charger. So, the police arrested Abul Kalam at once. Later, the police released him after extorting Kyat 300,000 from him.

And, the police raided another house belongs to U Noor Hussein. They found out a guest in his house. They arrested the guest and took him to the police station. The Maungdaw Township court released him yesterday (on Tuesday, November 4) after a fine of Kyat 70,000 for failing to inform the authority about his stay as guest.”

Similar kinds of oppressions against the Rohingyas are going on southern Maungdaw as well.

“U Abul Kalam is a local of Udaung village in southern Maungdaw and livestock sole-trader within the township. On November 3, he went to the village of Kyauk Pandu (Shitaaf) to buy buffaloes. He bought 7 Buffaloes from U Abdul Hakim and Mohammed Shobu for Kyat 4.9 Million. The Kyauk Pandu Police Station charged him Kyat 2,000 for each buffalo as they usually charge from Rohingyas.

However, the Border Guard Police (BGP) from Inn Din (Aan Daang) Police Station arrested him together with the buffaloes accusing that he had failed to inform the Border Guard Police in the Inn Din Police Station while he was bringing the buffaloes to his home. Having extorted humongous amount, Kyat 1.8 Millions, they released him around 11:00AM yesterday” an eyewitness said declining to be named.

Above all, it has been reported that the police arrest any Rohingya found using internet on mobile phones. Subsequently, they arbitrarily imprison them for four to five years respectively.

“We can’t use Bangladeshi Mobile Phones at all although Rakhines (Maghs) and the authority themselves are free to use them. Unfortunately, they are even now restricting us from using the Mobile Phones provided and sold by the Myanmar government.

When they find anyone using internet on mobile phones, they simply accuse him/her ‘you are involved in illegal politics and have links with foreign media.’ They arrest, torture and imprison him/her for four to five years just for that. So, we are afraid to even use these phones.

On one hand, they are persecuting us beyond imagination. On another hand, they don’t want us to tell the world about the oppressions or the world to come to know about our catastrophic plight” exclaimed an elderly Rohingya.

*Guest-List-Check= It is a raid by the authority to check out if there are any guests staying in any Rohingya home. The authority have made mandatory for Rohingya people that they need to inform the authority  for permission if they stay in their friends’ or relatives’ homes in other villages at night since more than a decade.

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