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At Least 10 People killed in Unexpected Military and BGP’s Attack in Rathedaung

By Rohingya Eye ၊ RVision TV News  

24th August, 2017

Rathedaung- Brutal military and Border Guard Police (BGP) attacked Athet Nan Yar Paung Gike Rohingya IDP camp in Rathedaung Township, Arakan State where military committed indescribable brutality killing at least 10 Rohingya people, according to a reliable source.

Athet Nan Yar village tract that has an IDP camp was besieged by join forces-Military and BGP-along with Rakhine extremists at 3:00 AM on 23rd August, 2017. While military forces were surrounding the village, BGP and the Rakhine extremists entered into the houses one by one on the pretext of checking.

BGPs were beating and arresting the men whom they encountered when the extremists were looting the gold, food-stuffs, money and valuable things from the villagers and the IDPs.   

Due to inhumane torture on the Rohingyas, eight innocent villagers including Moulovi Azizurahman have got injuries critically and they were dividedly taken to the BGP post No. 22, located in Zaydi Pyin and NaTaLa village where there is a sentry post of BGP and Military.

Moreover, women and children were physically insulted: they were made them stood in the hot sun from early morning to noon and a 2-year-old daughter of Sayeed Mamod was thrown into the water snatching from her mother. Her innocent father was tortured severely and arrested too. He is in the dying condition now.

Although the child was escaped but no hope of being alive further more as she is in critical condition where there is no chance for treatment.

As the nonstop persecutions and harassments of BGP, Military and Rakhine extremists are going on, at least 10 people have been killed, according to the villagers.

A Lucky village elder, Maung Bu Hla, who escaped from the arbitrarily arrest was informed again and again that some villagers are in critical conditions who want of help but he cannot came forward due to the fear of military, BGP and Rakhine extremists.

A lady said with a loud cry, “We informed Maung Bu Hla to help us many times and to take the dead bodies from the authorities who are attempting to hide them.” He told, “I extremely fear the arbitrarily arrest of BGP and Military or Rakhines’ torture to death. Leave me alone please.”  

 In addition, the brutal join forces have attacked the village and IDP camp again at 5:00 AM today. They have taken out all the men, women and children to the road and have detained all the men after assaulting the women and torturing the children. As the people cannot take food, sleep well due to the blockage, their condition is become worse and worse. Probably, most of them may die soon, said the locals with crying loudly. 

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