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Arrests, Raids and Torture Speeding up in Maungdaw

By RVision TV Correspondents | 15th July 2017

Muangdaw: Military, BGP and Luin thein raided 2 villages of Northern Maungdaw, where they arrested 20 innocent Rohingyas along with torture, looting and molesting women on 14th July 2017, reports’ suffering locals.

In the first incident at 2:00 PM military, BGP and Luin thein raided the village of Hasarbill by besieging from all direction. During the raid they arrested 20 Rohingyas by breaking the doors of Rohingya houses and molested women along with looting.

On the same day at 3:00 PM around 60 military personals, Police and Luin thein raided the village of Aunk Puma, where they gathered all the villagers in a nearby mosque. Later they conducted illegal check on every individual Rohingya and their homes as well.

Moreover due to the fear of the raid, most of the Rohingyas had to run off from the village to safe guard them from arbitrary arrest and torture.

Daily raids, arrest and torture in the Rohingya villages have left them in dilemma, where they are already living in their own ancestral land without any basic human rights.

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