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By Rohingya Eye | May 5, 2017

Maungdaw — A gang of armed robbers killed two men in southern Maungdaw on Thursday (May 4), sources have reported.

The victims have been identified as Mohammed Ayub (38) and Hafiz Arifullah (25), s/o Rafique. Both were found dead at the village of Thawan Chaung (locally called Bossara) in southern Maungdaw last night.

Mohammed Ayub, a resident of the village of Bohmuu, Myoma Taung Quarter, Maungdaw, is a bus driver that runs a bus from the downtown of Maungdaw to southern Maungdaw, while Arifullah is a local of Thawan Chaung. 

“Abdul Hakim and his henchmen demanded Kyat 3 million extortion money from Mohammed Ayub and he refused to follow. Then, when he came to Thawan Chaung with his bus last evening, he encountered Abdul Hakim and his gang. So, they shot him dead. 

“The other one was found dead by the highway to the south of Thawan Chaung. His body was full of bruises and wounds. He was stabbed multiple times. He was also killed by the robber Abdul Hakim because he wasn’t in good terms with the robber. The robber had earlier openly threatened to kill him”, said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

The gang of the armed robbers led by Abdul Hakim have been active in the region for years and notorious for robbing houses, kidnapping people for ransom and random killings. Locals firmly claim that the armed robbers submit monthly tributary taxes to the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and military; and operate in the region with their supports.

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