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Armed Moghs and Chakmas Flaming Rohingya houses Fearlessly

By Rohingya Vision TV correspondents | 17th November 2017

Buthidaung: Extremists Rakhines (Moghs) and Chakmas jointly blazed Rohingya houses and loots their household properties fearlessly in villages of Buthidaung Township, reports suffering locals.

Today (17th November 2017) at around 1:00 AM Extremists Moghs (Rakhine) and Chakmas armed with knives, swords and sharp hoe from the village of Yaung Chaung and SinDaung (Thein Daung) burned a house of a Rohingya identified to be Abul Hashim.

Later the same equipped Rohingyas went to different villages of Buthidaung and conducted mass looting on remaining Rohingya houses and properties. “We are being looted everyday by these Moghs and Chakmas and government authorities set them free to do so” explains victim over the ongoing horrific fire and looting in the region.

Earlier on 16th November 2017 remaining villagers of ChangiTaung Village of Rathedaung Township were forced to be evacuated from their village and are seen to be traveling towards Bangladesh, adding on the exodus.

Torching and ransacking Rohingya houses and properties became a very common genocidal tools in Arakan (Rakhine) and are forcing the remaining Rohingyas in the region to be expelled from their own soil.

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