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Armed Forces Raid Rohingya Homes to Create Terror for Denial of Green Cards

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Myanmar’s armed forces have been raiding Rohingya homes in Maungdaw Township since last few week in order to create terror amongst them for their denial of the Green Cards, according to the local sources.

The Green Cards (not to be mistaken anything equivalent US’ Green Cards) or ‘Citizenship Verification Cards’ are two-year stay permits for those whose applications for citizenships are under considerations. The Green Card Process is a part the plans widely known to be coined by the government to sabotage their ethnic identity ‘Rohingya’ as they are forced to register as illegal Bengali immigrants.

Being an indigenous people of Myanmar and citizens by births, the Rohingyas categorically refuse to accept the green card. Therefore, Myanmar’s armed forces – the Border Guard Police (BGP), the Military, the Anti-Illegal Immigrants Force (MaKaPha) and other departments – have recently started raiding their homes, beating the people and arbitrarily arresting them, detaining them under lame charges and extorting money from them.

“A series of raids in the Rohingya homes by the authorities have taken place or are taking place in various parts of the township.

  • On August 19 night, a joint group of BGP [(from Camp 15 in ‘Mangyi Chaung’ and ‘Gawdusara Bridge-Post’ under the Commander Area (Naymyay) 7], MaKaPha Forces and the Military (from the ‘Mawra Waddy’ camp) raided Zawmadat (Laambaguna) village in southern Maungdaw.
    Four innocent Rohingyas were arbitrarily arrested and have been detained in Mangyi Cahung Camp under allegations of possessing Bangala SIM Cards.
  • On August 20 night, the same group of the armed forces raided Gawdusara village in southern Maungdaw and arrested five people under the same allegations. Although they released two people after extorting money, they still detain three other innocent people.
  • On August 21 night, they carried out a raid in Baggona village and arrested two people.
  • At the same night, the BGP from ‘Kyauk Hle Kar (Baalu Khali)’ camp along with MaKaPha forces raided the whole Mingalar Gyi (Feran Furu) village in northern Maungdaw. No arrests were made though.
  • On August 22, the BGP from Alay Than Kyaw Camp (Haishshu Rata) camp (under the commandment area 7) and MaKaPha conducted a surprise (sudden) raid at ‘Zaykone Tan’ hamlet of Alay Than Kyaw village tract. Nothing illegal was found at any home.

Yet, while they raided the late Mv Sayed Kasim’s home, they themselves put a 10 Taka Bangala Currency Note into the pocket of his 14-year-old son, Riyazu. And they extorted Kyat 50,000 from the family threatening that the boy would be arrested with the possession of an illegal note if they didn’t the pay the ransom.

The raids are still being carried out. Many people dare not sleep at their homes at night in this rainy season for the fear of the arbitrary arrests by the authorities,” said an educated Rohingya youth in Maungdaw.

The locals firmly believe that the atrocities are being committed by the armed forces in order to create terror amongst them to make them accept the Green Cards.

“Around 8:00PM on August 15 night, a joint departments of BGP, MaKaPha, Village Administration and other forces raided every Rohingya home at ‘Bandula (Bot Tula) village in northern-most Maungdaw.

As they raided every house, they forced every member of the household to come out of their house. They (the authorities) separated the under 18 people from the above-18 people. They asked the under-18 people to go back inside their homes.

Then, they seized their white-card-hand-over receipts. After that, they (BGP) forced them under their (BGP’s) gun points to sign or give finger prints accepting the ‘Bengali’ as their ethnic identity.

By this means, they forced 113 people above 18 in 35 households be registered as Illegal Bengali Immigrants,” said an elder Rohingya in northern Maungdaw.

Moreover, the authorities have also started barring the local Rohingyas from travelling within and outside their townships for refusing the Green Cards, an attempt by the government to turn some of its legitimate citizens into foreigners on their land.

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[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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