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Argument Lead Policeman to Shooting at Rohingya Man

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — An argument between a Burmese Border Guard Policeman (BGP) and a Rohingya man led to a shooting that left an unconcerned (Rohingya) old man sitting nearby heavily injured in Maungdaw Township last Friday, according to the eyewitnesses.

The victim is identified to be Mr. Sultan Iman Hussein, 52, a local of ‘Paikthay (Faatoza)’ hamlet of Padin village tract in southern Maungdaw. Later, the BGP labelled the wanton firing as an accidental one and got the injured the victim admitted to the Maungdaw General Hospital.

The argument was rooted to an event on October 6 (last Tuesday) in which the said policeman named U Win Myint arbitrarily arrested a local Rohingya man in the village and released later on the condition that he (the arrestee) would give a livestock (a chicken) to him (the policeman).

The whole account has been reported by an eyewitness as follows.

“A Border Guard Policeman (BGP) named U Win Myint from the Camp 15 at ‘Paikthay (Faatonza)’ village under the BGP Commandment Area 7 arbitrarily arrested a local villager around 9:00PM on October 6 while he was walking down a street in the village. Then, the policeman began to demand ransom money from him for his release. So, they had an argument and at the end, the local man got himself freed from the policeman unavoidably agreeing that he would give a chicken to him (the policeman).

The next day, the policeman looked for the person for the chicken and he didn’t meet him because he didn’t want to give the chicken to him. Around 7:30PM, the policeman found the person’s father sitting at a shop in the village. He went to him and said “your son owes a chicken to me. You give the chicken to me on your son’s behalf.

The man replied “OK! But where on earth will I get a chicken for you in this evening time? So, I will give it to you tomorrow.”

However, it led to an argument between the policeman and him as the policeman demanded the chicken immediately at that time.

So, the policeman left for his camp and returned to the place (of the shop) with his gun loaded with bullets. Since the man (the father of the person he had arrested earlier) left the place before he arrived, he deliberately fired at the shopkeeper asking “why don’t you know where he has left for?”

However, the bullet didn’t hit him but pierced through the (bamboo) walls of the shop. And it hit at the left buttock of the shopkeeper’s father, Mr. Sultan Ahmed Iman Hussein, sitting on the (chair) at their house’s fore-ground behind the shop.

As it happened, the policeman left for his camp and came back along with some other Border Guard Police personnel including the deputy police in-charge, U Min Tun. They took the victim on their van and admitted him to the Maungdaw General Hospital.”

However, later, the Deputy Police In-Charge, U Min Tun, summoned the administrator of Padin village to his camp and forced him to sign on a letter stating that it was an accidental gun-firing that took place while doing the maintenance of the gun.

In 2013, the Border Guard Police (BGP) was formed and it succeeded the now-disbanded Border Security Force known as NaSaKa notorious for committing mulitiple war crimes against Rohingyas. Nevertheless, the predecessors, the BGP, have turned to be more brutal against the Rohingyas as they have just changed their uniforms while the people in the uniforms and the system of the institution have still the same.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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