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Arakan: Shooting, Firing and Explosions Continuous on Rohingya Civilians

Arakan: Burmese Military continues massive fire on Rohingya villages, shooting on civilians while crossing the Border and continued their mine placing in various locations, where many Rohingyas are either losing their lives or critically injured, reports our correspondents from various affected location.

Today (7th September 2017)  at 11 AM Military started to torch down the remaining houses in Godusara village of Maungdaw, displacing the only remaining Rohingyas in the region. At the same time they also threatened the villagers of Kuwaindong village, of Buthidaung Township, where the remaining villagers are in extreme fear of  their lives, houses and properties.

Yesterday (6th September 2017), 2 more Rohingya children were injured by mine bomb placed by military earlier. In the incidence one of the boy lost his leg and both are in critical condition. Victims are identified to be Sons of Shobiron in Chammahadha village.

On the same day military burnt down the remaining houses at Kuansibong and Addailla village of Maungdaw, where entire village were burning heavily destructing all the properties along with the houses.

Later Military started to fire Rohingyas in the border area while crossing, where many innocent Rohingyas were killed and critically injured many others. At Afternoon at 3 PM Military started to burn down Naisadong village, Maungdaw where Rohingysas are in extreme fear of further attacks.

Latest UN report confirms nearly 125,000 people fleeing Myanmar’s Arakan for Bangladesh in just 11 days, while local reports shows the no. of Rohingyas fleeing more than 200, 000 in this mass military-made exodus.

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