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Arakan News Updates: Atrocities by Security Force Continue in Different Forms

M.S. Anwar |

23rd August 2013

1- Security Force at Kyi-Kan-Pyin Ckeckpost Extorts Money from Rohingya Passers-by

Hlun Htein (Security Force) at the check-post of the headquarter of the now abolished NaSaKa (Boder Security Force) in the village of Khawar Bil (Kyi Kan Pyin), Maung Daw, are extorting money from Rohingya passers-by. Every Rohingya has to pay Kyat 500 to the Hlun Htein every time he/she passes by the check-post.

One has to carry both White Card (Temporary Registration Card issued to Rohingyas) and a travel permit (required to go beyond his/ her village/ quarter) from village administration. If one has only either of the two, he/she has to pay Kyat 500. Even when one has both documents, the security force still make out other excuses and extort Kyat 500 per person.

A Rohingya even from the adjacent village of Mon Dama (Maung Namma) has to pay Kyat 500 to the Security Force to come to the neighboring village, Kyi Kan Pyin. What is more frustrating is Security Force often harrases Rohingyas for no reason. (Report by Sindhi Khan)

2- Security Force Tortured a Rohingya Man

At about 9PM on 19th Septemeber 2013, five Hlun Htein (Security Force) led by Yin Yin Tun, a second lieutenant security force, attempted to arbirarily arrest a Rohingya man at Quarter 2, Maung Daw Township. Thus, the Rohingya man started to run away.

Then, the secuirty force chased but to miss him. Upon that, the security force asked Mr. Ayub S/o Mr. Ishaaq (Age-40), the owner of a cafe at the Bazaar of the village, where the man fled to. When Mr. Ayub replied “I haven’t really seen the man,” the security started scolding and beating him. When he (Mr. Ayub) asked them not to do so beyond their area of in-charge [at a time (9PM) which is not curfew period] and in front of customers, they started beating him more and severely.

Besides, the above-mentioned second lieutenant shouted “don’t you know you Bengali people (the term Myanmar authority use for Rohingyas in a derogatory sense) are not allowed to come out this time? Go and complain to whomever you like. I don’t care.”

A curfew period (i.e. between 10PM to 5AM) has been imposed in Maung Daw since June 2012. The curfew is effective only against Rohingyas, while Rakhines (including hooligans) are free to roam.

The Security Force came from the station at the nearby Maung Ni village of Myoma Kayintan (Shidda Fara) village tract and hence, the quarter 2 of Maung Daw does not fall under the region of the said security force. They tried to arrest them going beyond the area where they are in-charge. (Report by MYARF)

3- Rakhine Police Extorted Money from Two Rohingyas

Bawju Rahman S/o Amir Hussain (Age 19) and Abdu Shukkor S/o Sultan Ahmed (Age 17) are the locals of the village of Sair-Kun-Baw (Tharay Kunbaung), southern Maung Daw. On 13th Septemeber 2013, they went to the village of Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazaar), northern Maung Daw, to sell dry fish. There, they were arrested by Police arbitrarily accusing that they involved in torching Rakhines’ houses last year. Then, Police extorted Kyat 10,000 from each to let them go free. (Report by MYARF)

Maung Daw and Buthidaung (Photo: Google Map)
Maung Daw and Buthidaung (Photo: Google Map)