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Arakan: 6th Day of Military-Made Catastrophe on Rohingya

Arakan: Torching down of Rohingya villages in Maungdaw & Buthidaung townships are being continued today (30th August, 2017) as well, reports victims on the run of saving their lives.

Since early morning at 5:00 AM in Dargwafara, Hawarbill, Rabailla, Renuaza, Boordargarkul villages of Northern Maungdaw have been burned down entirely leaving villagers displaced all over the region.

At 9:00 AM Military started burning Zadifara hamlet of Hatifara, Maungdaw where 4-5 houses were burnt. And according to the locals the massive fire might burn the entire village.

Later at 10:00 AM at Dewanali of Garitibil, Maungdaw was also burnt, where military along with newly in-fluxed Bengali Moghs & Murung are setting fire. There, they were provided security in torching by the brutal Burmese forces. At the same time, Townrowa village of Maungnama, Maungdaw was torched along with Moghs and villagers are under tremendous fear of further attacks.

In the afternoon at 12:00 PM military called Rohingyas in a meeting in Buthidaung, where more than 80 Rohingyas have been arrested by deceiving. Further reports of the arrestees are still unknown.

At 3:00 PM military helicopters were seen roaming in the sky of Shabbazar, Maungdaw and later it landed in there. After landing Military conducted some suspicious discussions within themselves.

Later at 5:30 PM, another military helicopter was seen on the sky of Maungdaw. According to locals, that helicopter seem to be a different one from usual military helicopters and Rohingyas are in fear of further conspiracy and persecution.

[Note: Report will be updated soon]

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