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An Open Letter to Director General of Arakan Rohingya Union


Prof. Dr. Wakar Uddin

Director General (DG) of Arakan Rohingya Union

Pennsylvania, United States

Subject: Calling for a Central Mother Organization ‘Representative, Comprehensive, Inclusive and Cooperative’


Dear DG,

With due respect,

As our condition is getting worse day by day, being a Rohingya myself, I would like to write this letter to you as a pledge of allegiance, not as a sign of insurgence. After 70 years of exposure (by Rohingyas) to various sufferings, I (as a follower) am very sorry to have to write this letter to a good leader like you and urge you to work for solidarity and unity. First of all, we are over-whelmed with gratitude for your sudden appearance on the stage in due course of time and restless efforts in favor of the oppressed.

As hidden to none, the latest update of our status is the constitutionalized illegalization of Rohingya existence in the country; consequently, the denial of the last right – the right to vote; and issuing of the Identity Card for National Verification known as the Green Card, which looks the ID forever, because Myanmar has not yet completed its verification process that has been started for about 6 decades and this verification is never to end.

This was the goal of Rakhines, MaBaTha 969 nationalists, etc. Over the achievement of this goal, they are celebrating nationwide as their anti-Rohingya efforts have paid off. The next step that Myanmar may be going to take is feared to be the confiscation of properties and nullification of ownerships practically and sending them to IDP concentration camps.

The whole Rohingya population comprises of two categories: refugees and prisoners. Each category constitutes half of the population. National fundamental issues such as society management, national politics, national economy and budget, national education, national defense, etc. are still unplanned, meaning there are no precise nationwide plans that we are going to implement in coming 10 years for example.


Dear DG,

When ARU was been forming, we thought it was (like) a government in exile in its comprehensiveness, that will represent every Rohingya on earth, solve their public problems, draw national plans, make decision for them all, for several reasons:

  • The term ARU’s lateral connotation;
  • Participation of prominent Rohingya activists and representatives from many organizations, communities, associations, etc.;
  • EBO and OIC’s initiation, intervention and supervision.

By the way, we were about to title you “Father of Nation” whom the nation has been looking for. The role of a father is to embrace all of his children whether they misbehave or well-behave.

But, unfortunately, what we have seen forth is withdrawal of its members one followed by another and dispersal of the union and internal conflict between each other. And the political and organizational situation got worse. Indeed you know well who is to be pointed as the responsible for this mischief.

In its second election, the participants were some local organizations from Makkah and at most from Saudi Arabia. Its horizon was tightened. It looks worse, should we consider the rumors that all the current ARU members are with-one-person or formed-within-the-night organizations. Finally the outcomes what the people never expected is some newborn politicians in the ground holding the reins of the issue and the ARU becomes one of the other ‘abcd..yz’ organizations of Rohingya.

I was working with several leading organization in Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. Those organizations were neither invited nor their application for ARU membership were responded to, when they applied. Is not it the discrimination that we struggle against leading us at the same time?

It won’t be an acceptable justification to say that Rohingya has many organizations, and it’s impossible for ARU to deal with all. Because, suppose that Rohingya has 100 organizations around the world. If ARU can’t deal with 100, how it can represent 4,000,000?


Dear DG,

ARU may represent Rohingya in OIC, UN, USA, EU or other local and International platforms, but the question is whether it has the legitimacy to represent by public support of whom it represent, or not. So, ARU’s representation for Rohingya somewhere, letting the all the internal disputes and conflicts exist besides, is not more important than creating a better understanding between all first, making efforts for collective works under unity and solidarity, and trying to acquire the authority of representativeness for the people by their public support. ARU’s achievements in some sorts are undeniable, but these are not the expected ones.

                Instead of adopting kick-out policy or breaking off relation with the opponents, we should rather embrace them to make dialogues in our national matters and public interests in order to eliminate the chaos of leadership, which is the greatest challenge of our problem greater than the problem itself, perhaps.

                You know well we have a long history of disunity that has been serving the government’s anti-Rohingya interests since the beginning of our struggle for rights and justice in the time of King Qasim including the arm struggles in around 80s and until today. The bullet we provide to target the enemy hit us first. Can we place a full stop at this phenomenon?


Dear DG,

The current critical condition of Rohingya people requires existence of a central mother organization representative of the whole people, and inclusive of all the organizations, comprehensive of all the national affairs, cooperative with all sides, supported by all. Only ARU has the eligibility, possibility and ability to be this organization.

Otherwise, generations may come to exist, and generations may cease to exist just bequeathing the dreams. Works are random, efforts are vain, interests are wasted as we have been witnessing since decades.

By working in this unsystematic manner, people are going astray and confused as to whom they should listen and whom they should follow. For instance, when the government started to issue the green card, the people was confused as to whom they may listen. When the ARU DG has instructed not to accept it, some responded by obedience and some by abuses, as there were some other leaders urging to accept. There are so many dilemmas else, where the people need guidance and leadership from a central administration. Let the people feel they have a leader not leaders, which the people couldn’t feel last 70 years.

                There are more than 200 government systems and hundreds of thousands organizations all over the world running peacefully and successfully. Is it just Rohingya who is the victim of failure since 7 decades? Can’t we find a role model in those systems? Moreover, we have Islam that always suggests us the best methodology for solution to every problem faced by the humanity.


Dear DG,

If our works are still so random, then, who is the responsible and blameworthy for plying with the fate of a population of about 4 millions? Every Rohingya leader has a legal status in a country other than Myanmar and finally the victims are those who are living in muzzles waiting their last breath, sacrificing every valuable to keep up their identity in the ground of Arakan.

It is worth mentioning that I still remember your speech when you visited Malaysia following your second election “I am an elected DG. Nobody can depose me. I am working with state government, OIC, EU, etc and consulting great personalities. Why should I consult them (perhaps some ARU members)…” This is Rohingya problem. The community members are more entitled to any consultation and cooperation in order to find a solution to this problem than OIC, UN, etc. They can just help us, can’t solve the problem, we must solve our own problem by ourselves. In addition, the Muslim Ummah is busy in its own problems. Let’s consider the dependency the biggest obstacle.

I finally emphasize here that this letter is not of the attempts to dethrone you. To me, you are the right person for the right position in the right time. Instead, it is an expression of feeling necessity of an integral system that serves our public interest, not an Arabian ruling system that needs Arab spring; the necessity of ‘Rule of Law’ not ‘Rule on Law’; and the necessity of a constitution not chaos.

Thank you very much,qutub shah


Yours faithfully,

Qutub Shah

A PhD Candidate

Kuala Lumpur

Ph: +60102128205,


 ***End Rohingya Crisis, The Crisis of Disunity***

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