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An Appeal to UNHCR From Jeddah Rohingya Detainees

The High Commissioner
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Case Postale 2500
CH-1211 Genève 2 Dépôt


The UNHCR Regional Representative in Saudi Arabia
Diplomatic Quarters,
Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization Building,
P.O. Box 94003, 11693 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Subject: Application for UN Protection

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a second class human of the world, a member of the wold’s most persecuted minority, a victim of genocide, a refugee without asylum, a stateless and displaced person and in addition, a desperate detainee in the Kingdom of Humanity.

I am writing this appeal on behalf of my fellow detainees in the centre. We are some three thousand Rohingya genocide survivors detained in the Jeddah Detention Centre called al-Shumaisi throughout the last six years under residence law. There are minors, women, elderlies, disables and persons with chronic sickness among us.

In addition to escalating anti-Rohingya violence in our homeland of Arakan especially since 2012, everybody of us has an individual tragic story of escaping from the fear of death, unlawful imprisonment or sexual assault out of discrimination on the basis of our race, sex, religious or political belief in Myanmar, which forced us to flee and find for safety and security, but in vain.

Unfortunately, being stateless without any legal documents, we resorted to holding passports from some neighbouring countries to enter Saudi Arabia, once Safe Heaven of Rohingya. Consequently, the fingerprints taken in the airports upon entry became the only proof the Saudi immigration depends on to decide our identity.

On the other hand, due to lack of a proper link to the countries whose passports we hold while entering Saudia Srabia, the respective embassies refused to accept us. Finally, stuck in limbo, we are neither released nor deported to a safe place.

Currently, the long-time confinement, malnutrition, lack of proper medication and unhealthy living caused physical and mental deterioration and diseases among us such as paralysis, incontinence, excessive physical weakness, diabetics, mental disorder, hypertension, anxiety, depression, various skin disorders, etc. while taking lives of many people.

We, therefore, request your kindness to give us and our families protection and security under United Nations and are eager to hearing from your kind office.

Thank you.

Rohingya Detainees
in al-Shumaisi Immigration Detention Centre
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia