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Alert: Rakhine Militants Intrude into Maungdaw

M.S. Anwar

4th April 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– Three groups of armed Rakhine (Magh) militants have intruded into Rohingya areas in northern Maungdaw in the recent few days accroding to eye-witnesses.

“Since 10th March 2014, Rohingyas in northern Maungdaw have been on alert and serving as sentinels to their respective villages at night time as Rakhine (Magh) extremists torch Rohingya houses using fire-causing chemical powder. And they have witnessed groups of armed Rakhine (Magh) militants entering Maungdaw from Bangladesh. The armed-militants may include both Bangladeshi Rakhines (Maghs) and Arakanese Rakhines (Maghs).

At 10PM yesterday, a group of 40-armed Rakhine militants from Bangladesh arrived at the Aung Sein jetty at the village of Kyan-Pyin (Haim Farang), northern Maungdaw. People confirm that these militants are still in the Rakhine village of Paa-Wat-Chaung. They are said to have come via Choudary Fara (a Magh Rakhine village) of Ramuu township, Cox’s Bazaar District, Bangladesh and crossed the border to make to the village of Kyan-Pyin.

Other two groups, numbering 80 in each group, are reported to be still in two different places in northern Maungdaw. They are Rakhine village of Auk Pyu Ma (Hasar Bil) and in a forest called Aam Baariza of the village of Fani Sara Fara of Tha-Man-Thar (Shaab Bazaar) village tract, northern Maungdaw. A Rohingya from southern Maungdaw informed me that in the mountains, people saw some people suspected to be Rakhine militants. And we believe they are members of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP)” said a Rohingya that witnessed the intrusion by Rakhine militants through Kyan Pyin.

“It was reported on 24th March 2014 that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested 23 Rakhine militants in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazaar. We do not know why they have intruded into our regions. On one side, we have to fear of the government. Now, we are worried of any possible attacks by these terrorists as well. If we inform Police or Hlun Hteins (Security Force), they don’t do anything maybe because majority of them are of Rakhine ethnic background. We hope Naypyitaw and Military know this! But they are failing to take effective actions against these intruders” he anxiously added.

Shab Bazaar