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Akyab: Burmese Security Forces Critically Injured A Rohingya to Half-Dead

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 13th September 2018

Akyab: An innocent Rohingya shopkeeper was tortured inhumanely by Burmese (Luien Thein) security forces in Akyab (Sittwe) Township, on 11th September 2018, reports nearby villagers.

A shop-owner named to be Lukman Hakim S/O Sandu Mia was critically injured by security forces’ immense physical torture and left him to the almost dead condition.

The victim owns a shop at Dar Baing area, which he closed at 7 PM and was returning to his home at Thay Chaung area, riding his bike.

Injured Lukman Hakim on 11th Sept 2018. Image: RVISION TV

On his way, he was stopped by security forces’ vehicles and there he was severely beaten and they used their guns bottoms to hit him on his face and body. The harsh hit with wooden and metallic guns left one of his eyeballs out and is battling with life and death now.

In the incident, there were 6 security forces along with 5-6 police vehicles near to the reach of Thay Chaung area. They tortured Lukman Hakim so badly that he is almost half paralyzed.

In the same time period, another four Rohingya youths were also caught by the same security forces and seized their bikes after unnecessary interrogations.

Burmese Security forces in Akyab, Arakan state. Image: Social Media

Later, four of them were taken to hand over the injured victim and called other elderly from the area. To hide the inhuman incident, security forces lied and said he had an accident.

Following their usual lies, the villagers got him to their village and took him immediately to the pharmacy. There he described how he was inhumanly beaten and tortured by the security forces.

Now he is critical health condition and is need of immediate healthcare. Although, he needs treatment his family worries that he might be killed at the hospital, which usually happens with the Rohingya patients.

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“Many Rohingya patients are injected poison at the gov’t hospital, usually men and children are targeted and these reports go unreported due to Burmese authorities’ fear,” explains a villager in a phone interview with Rohingya Vision TV.

In the interview, he further explained how the Burmese forces harass Rohingya on their ways to home, work, school, and colleges. He also explained how Rohingya are barred from higher education and health care services.

Living condition in Akyab is deteriorating day by day as Rohingya can hardly earn a living along with the ongoing genocidal activities on them for decades.

photo  taken on June 6, 2014 , Rohingya children travel in a rickshaw in north of Akyab
(Sittwe), Arakan (Rakhine) State, Myanmar. Image: AP

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