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Akyab: 5 Rohingya Face Inhumane Torments of Police

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 5th January 2018

Akyab: 5 Rohingya face inhumane torments from Burmese Police in an Internally displaced People’s camp (IDP) of Akyab (Sitwe) Township on 3rd January 2018, report sources.

5 Rohingyas hailing from Paung Daw Shey Internally displaced People’s camp (IDP) village of Sey Them Ma Gyi area were on their way to work in a Mogh (Rakhine) area known as Cha Baing. There at 6:20 PM they were stopped by a gang of police and were interrogated on baseless questions in abusive language.

After rounding up 5 of the innocent workers, police started to torture them heavily by using their harsh boots and hands leading them to critically injured condition. Later they were rescued by the nearby local villagers in heavy bleeding situation and is in need of emergency medical treatment.

Harassing and physically abusing Rohingya workers in not a new scene in Akyab (Sitwe) Townships, where Rohingya till today are facing differnt forms of torment even after loosing their everything including home in late 2012 state sponsored violence.

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