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Aid arrives for Rohingya in Bangladesh

COX’S BAZAR: In the middle of the refugee camp, dozens of Rohingya children were massed around a man in the orange jacket, palms outstretched.

He had been handing out lollipops from a plastic can only minutes before. Now, they were all gone but the children kept coming, scrambling over each other in the dirt.

“Okay! Okay! Everybody! Everybody!” said Datuk Seri Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, raising a single index finger. There was a slight hush and then, he yelled: “Takbir!”

“Allahuakbar (God is great)!” they shouted.

This was repeated two more times. Then, Azeez smiled and walked up the dirt path, clogged with people, to see the rest of the camp.

But the children of the Balukhali camp had already turned away towards the next man carrying a can of lollipops.

On Monday, the Rohingya aid ship Nautical Aliya docked at Chittagong Port with 2,100 tonnes of cargo.

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