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Aftermaths of the Murders of Three Rohingyas by Armed Terrorists in Southern Maungdaw


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some of the people injured during the shootout by armed terrorist.
Some of the people injured during the shootout by armed terrorist.

Maungdaw, Arakan State- Police and Hlun Htein (Security Force) have started raiding Rohingya homes in the village of Thinbaw Kway (Kullon) so as to arrest innocent Rohingya men on their arrest list made arbitrarily in relation to the murders took place on 3rd May 2014. Since many Rohingya men had to go into hiding, their poor families are facing difficulties as there is no one to earn bread and butter for them.

“In relation to the incident (Read HERE) that took place in the village of Thinbaw Kway (Kullon) on 3rd May 2014, Police from Inn Dinn (Aan Daang) Station arrested Iman Hussein (son of) Dil Mohammed (of age 17) from the funeral event of the deceased administrator, Zakariyya, on the same day. The next day, Iman Hussein was transferred to Maungdaw Police Station. Though the parents of the deceased administrators do not blame any village but a gang of armed terrorists for the murders of their son and daughter-in-law, yet Maungdaw Police made a long list of 100 villagers under their alleged involvements in the murders. Noor Ahmed (son of) Nabi Hussein and Nizam (son of) Karimullah (currently staying in the village of Myoma Kayintan- Shidda Fara) are the two police’s puppets that cooperated with the police in making the arbitrary arrest list” said a local of the village.

“After that, Police raided their homes on 4th May 2014 night to arrest the people on their list. However, all of the people in the list managed to escape the arrest. At the moment, due to the daily raids by Police and Hlun Htein (Security Force), no Rohingya man can stay in his home and hence, they are hiding wherever possible and on the run. As the men are forced into hiding, many poor families are facing difficulties in their livelihoods and finding no means to earn bread and butter” he continued.