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Administrator of Alay Than Kyaw Extort Money from Rohingya Villagers

By Naing Htoo Lin

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan– U Aung Thek Naing (a Rakhine extremist), administrator of the village of Alay-Than-Kyaw (Haisshurata) in southern Maungdaw, is extorting money from Rohingya villagers by means of threats and tortures. Police in southern Maungdaw and his puppets are also parts of this money extortion business.

“Alay Than Kyaw (Haisshu Rata) is a Rohingya village in southern Maungdaw, Arakan state. Its administrator is a Rakhine extremist called U Aung Thek Naing. He in cooperation with his puppet, U Kyaw Zeya Oo, and others is torturing the villagers in many ways and extorting money from them.

U Kyaw Zeya Oo, on 25th April 2014, threatened Daw Nooru (daughter of) Ausi Ullah, a local of Mong Tola village of Alay Than Kyaw village tract, to pay (extortion) money of Kyat 200,000 to the administrator. He said ‘administrator of the village has asked me to take Kyat 200,000 from you because you repaired your house. If you can’t pay, we will come with police to arrest your son tonight.’

Daw Nooru is a widow living with her 25-year-old son, Noor Alam. The mother and son duo are the poorest in the village. They struggle to live their everyday lives. They live in a small house. About three-yard roof of the house had deteriorated and so, they repaired it. Just for that, they are forced to pay Kyat 200,000 to the administrator. They paid Kyat 50,000 to him (Kyaw Zeya Oo) by borrowing from their neighbors. Yet, he threatened them to make the remaining payments by two days. Else, they would come with police and arrest her son” said a Rohingya from a nearby village.

“Similarly, on 16th April 2014, the administrator extorted Kyat 100,000 from U Ula Meah (son of) U Abdu Suwan under a false accusation of possessing illegal Bangladeshi mobile phones. He, together with his puppets, are torturing the Rohingya villagers in many ways and extorting money from them. There is no law here. Law is what they say in their day-to-day lives” he added.

Maungdaw Thawan Chaung

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