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By RVision TV Correspondent | March 4, 2017

Maungdaw- The Myanmar authorities have increased the abuses on the Rohingya people in Maungdaw Township as they refuse to accept NV Card (National Verification Card or NVC), it has been reported.

During a meeting held last Friday (on Mar 3), the Maungdaw District authorities ordered the Rohingya representatives to take NV Cards and also distributed leaflets written in three languages – Myanmar, English and Bengali — describing the so-called benefits of possessing the NV Cards. [Read: Myanmar Gov’t Tempts Rohingyas for NVC with Ludicrous Leaflets]

On Sunday (Mar 5), the BGP (Border Guard Police) and the other immigration authorities held two separate meetings with the local Rohingyas at Sinthaepyin hamlet (Haanti Fara) of ‘Londoong’ village and at ‘Sabbay Gone (Haazir Bil)’ in northern Maungdaw and threatened them to accept the NV Cards.

Upon failures to convince the locals at Sinthaepyin village about the NV Cards, the authorities went rampant afterwards the meeting. They beat up the locals and also arrested an innocent teenager, Shomsul Alam (son of) Noor Alam, on an arbitrary accusation.

It has been learnt that since March 5, the BGP in the ‘Londoong’ camp and other camps have begun arresting people and motorcycle-taxi riders arbitrarily while crossing their check-posts and extorting money from them. They have also been forcing people to get off from their motorcycles and go past the check-posts by pushing their motorcycles.

“They have forced us to get off from our motorcycle and forced us to cross the check-post while pushing our motorcycle. It was difficult and almost for three minutes. While we were made to push our motorcycles, they were laughing at us”, said one Rohingya man of the experience he faced while crossing the ‘Londoong’ check-post yesterday (on Mar 5).

Also this afternoon, the in-charge of the BGP camp at ‘Kyar Gaung Taung (Rabailla)’ village arrived at ‘Zin Paing Nya (Zamoinna)’ village, a village partially burnt down by the Myanmar military during October-November 2016, and accused the villagers of killing three Rakhine men and hiding their dead bodies.

“The Rabailla BGP Camp in-charge arrived at our village and said they got information that the villagers killed three Rakhies and hid their dead bodies in the village. He threatened the villagers show him where the dead bodies are. Else, he would take serious against us. We are really worried. They could trigger attacks on us again”, said a worried villager while speaking to Rohingya Vision TV on the condition of anonymity.

The Rohingya people as a whole categorically reject the NVC as it is meant to issue to the foreigners recently arrived in Myanmar and valid for only two years. Therefore, accepting these cards will automatically deprive the Rohingya people of their indigenous status with the identity ‘Rohingya,’ disqualify their citizenship rights by birth and deny them their full rights as citizens.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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