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Abuses of Rohingya Students and Their Religious Rights in Schools in Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar | RvisionTV

September 5, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– “The Rakhine officials in charge of various schools in Maung Daw townsip are abusing Rohingya students and violating their religious rights” said a local Rohingya elder.

“Daw Mya San, the headmistress of Basic Education Primary School at Quarter 5 in Maung Daw, always force Rohingya minor students to bow down before the national flag in the name and under the banner of respecting and saluting the flag. We have no qualms in saluting or respecting the national flag but bowing down before anyone or anything (except for God) is against Islamic belief.

As the students are minors, they know little about that. The headmistress is taking advantage of that. When the few students sensible to the issue refuse to bow down, they are severely beaten and abused by the headmistress. She is violating the religious rights of the students.

Besides, when Rakhine students beat down Rohingya students in the school, no action is taken. When Rohingya students seek to revenge, they are punished. If the school teachers meant to teach morality, justice and education to the children are up for injustice and abuse, there is no need to even bother to question about the illiterate people outside will not commit crimes” reported Sindhi Khan.

Elsewhere, “Daw Htin Htin Oo, the teacher in charge of the Section C, 9th Standard, Basic Education High School (BEHS) Maung Daw, extorted Kyat 33,000 from 66 Rohingya students in total between August 20 and August 25. Hence, Kyat 500 per student.

The school headmaster had asked the teacher in charge to collect Kyat 500 per student as exam fees for the monthly exam held on August 25. On top of the exam fees, she asked the students for Kyat 500 more saying that she would reveal the exam question to the students. She threatened she would have all the students failed in the exam in case that her demands would remain unfulfilled. So, the Rohingya students had to pay.

However, the same case doesn’t apply to Rakhine students because the classes between Rakhines and Rohingyas have been segregated long time ago” U Sindhi Khan added.



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  1. Mayu Kyaw Mayu Kyaw September 4, 2013

    All teachers and headmaster are Rakhine racist. They don't want willingly to teach the Rohingya students. so, they are discriminating in various ways.

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