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A Whole Rohingya Quarter Confiscated in Southern Maung Daw

M.S. Anwar |

September 9, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan– Due to the terror caused by Burmese military, NaSaKa (the abolished Border Security Force) and Rakhine extremists during the early stage of violence in June 2012, Rohingya families in the quarter of Hos-Sara (Hin-Tha-Ra), southern Maung Daw, sought refuge in nearby Rohingya villages leaving their homes behind. As these families had started preparation to go back to their homes, Maung Daw district adminstration and Maung Daw township admininstration seized the whole Rohingya quarter and ordered that no one can go there.

“There are total 103 houses in the quarter of Hos-Sara. 55 houses fall under Zamadat (Laambaguna) village tract and 48 under the village tract of Sainda (Thanda). Last year, people had to leave due to the atrocities by Military, NaSaKa and Rakhine extremists. Until recently, they had been living other Rohingyas in the larger villages located nearby. On 29th August 2013, the authority (Maung Daw district administration and Maung Daw township administration) confiscated the whole quarter and put up Red Flags around the quarter before the families could go back to their homes.

Subsequently, the quarter has been declared as No-Man Zone by the vice-commander of the battalion 352 based in Zamadat. Any Rohingya found in the quarter will be shot dead and the cattle will be seized. It happened so on 30th August 2013. Four cattle found in the area were seized by the said commander. Two of the cattle were owned by Anwar Begum (daughter of) Fazal Hoque (age 50) and other two were by Dil Mohammed (son of) Bashir (Age 35). Each of them had to pay Kyat 12,500 and a cock to get his/her cattle back” reported MYARF.

“Besides, military from the light infantry battalion 352 based in KayeMyaing, southern Maung Daw, always loot Rohingya passers-by. If people question, they get beaten” MYARF added.

Zawmadat Village (Photo: Google Map)
Zawmadat Village (Photo: Google Map)