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A Story of a Police’s Puppet in Maung Daw

A Story of a Police’s Puppet in Maung Daw
July 15
12:10 2013

Ya Tin


15th July 2013

Mr. Yunose had been the Administrator of the quarter two, Maung Daw, Arakan, before he was arrested by Police under a false accusation of inciting violence last year. Therefore, Mr. Majiullah @Maung Hla Thein, a home-bred puppet of Maung Daw Police, has been appointed as the Administrator of the quarter since then. As expected, he has been dancing to the tunes of his masters, Maung Daw Police, and oppressing and ill-treating his own villagers.

Having been appointed as the Administrator, he has got closer to the Police. Thus, on Police’s say, he is threatening the villagers, falsely accusing them of involving in the violence and in smuggling of narcotic drugs. Subsequently, he is extorting huge amount of money from the people. But the truth is he, himself, is a drug addict. Till date, he has extorted money from the following people.

1)      Mohammed Zubair (a committee member of Quarter 2 Mosque) –  Kyat 1 Million under the blatant accusation of allowing rebels stay in the mosque.

2)      Mohammed S/o Abdul Khaliq –Kyat 70,000 under the accusation of involving in the violence.

3)      Khalu S/o Wadullah –Kyat 70,000 for going to Bangladesh

4)      Ishaq S/o Dudu Meah –Kyat 50,000 for not informing about his son who had left the country.

5)      Abu Sadiq S/o Lal Meah –Kyat 100,000 under the accusation of involving in the violence and many others.

Quarter 2, Maung Daw (Photo Credit: Google Map)

An election for the village administrator was held last February. The said puppet, Majiullah, was defeated by his opposition, Mr. Yusof, by a great margin. Yet, Majiullah still being the administrator of the village proves that there is no rule of law or system in Arakan.

During the period of NaSaKa (the recently abolished Border Security Force) census operation against Rohingyas in the quarter in the beginning of this year, he extorted Kyat 50,000 per family. Those families who had not given the money to him were put in the wanted list of Police for the so-called involvements in the violence. Therefore, the villagers are living in fear of oppressions and ill-treatments by the temporary administrator of the village.

Rohingyas, here, have no economic opportunities, access to their livelihoods and education. Besides, all of the Rohingyas are severely persecuted and atrocities are being committed against them. From time to time, government plays “Divide and Rule” tactics. Under such vulnerable circumstances, some uneducated, impatient and greedy people can easily be coaxed and hence, fall into the enticing traps set up by the authority only to become aggressive tools against their own people. Take the above mentioned Majiullah as an example here.




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