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A Sad Story Behind a Tragic Accident

By MS Anwar
Opinion Editorial
Rvision TV (15.05.2013)

On Monday, 13th May 2013 night, more than 140 Rohingyas died, who were evacuating ahead of the Mahasen Cyclone. A boat carrying more than 200 people hit with the rock in the river and consequently sunk in the river while crossing the river to Sandama, Pauktaw. Though it can be considered as an accident, there is a tragic story that led them to face untimely demise. These people were originally from the village of Dom Fara (in PaukTaw), a village surrounded by Rakhine villages to its four sides. The government had confiscated their farming lands and handed over to Rakhines for more than 10 years. They got their land back in 2010 as they started fighting for it because they had no other way to survive. Therefore, since then, the surrounding Rakhines had malice against the villagers of DomFara.

In November 2012, their village was torched and razed by the surrounding Rakhine extremists. They were given a place at an unproductive land beside a river and provided some half-hearted assistance. Many of them had been in grave troubles to survive. As the cyclone is looming around the corner, it has become apparent to them that their place will be the first to get drown in the water as water level is expected to rise during the storm. Knowing that, the government, either, purportedly provided no assistance and alternative places. Moreover, the surrounding Rakhine extremists were not letting them pass to the safe places.

Therefore, avoiding both government and malicious Rakhines, secretly, in the midnight, they left for Sandama, a Muslim majority area in Pauktaw Township, by five boats. The weather was extremely bad and the night was dark. A boat carrying more than 200 people hit the rocks in the river and sunk. They could neither shout for help not try to rescue the sinking people lest the remaining four boats should get destroyed by the nearby Rakhine extremists. As a result, more than 150 people died in the river.

Though, externally, it looks like an accident, it was an accident purportedly created by the government and Rakhine extremists. The government neither provided any assistance to go the safer places nor allowed them to have a safe pass. But the government may convince you that they are leaving no stone unturned to protect the displaced Rohingyas from the storm. In reality, they are trying to wipe Rohingyas out. They lie and lying is in their instinct. It is a piece of the reality of Rohingyas which is unknown to the world.