msa August 21, 2013

MS Anwar

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August 21, 2013

Sittway (Akyab), Arakan– Jamila Begum, (Daughter of Zafar Ahmed), Age 30, died during her delivery in Sittway Government Hospital today (on 21th August 2013). Local Rohingyas say she died because of lack of medical care in time.

“Jamila Begum D/o Zafar Ahmed (age 30) was referred by an INGO called Malteser International to the government hospital on 20th August 2013. She was from No. 128 IDP Camps of Baariza Fara (Ohn Daw Gyi). There, in the hospital, she passed away at 10AM today apparently because of lack of medical care in time.

She was buried in the Mansi cemetery. However, her newly born baby is said to be still alive. And the baby is under his caretaker (i.e. his mother’s friend who accompanied the now deceased.)” reported Mr. Hla, a local of Sittway.

Besides, local Rohingyas in Sittway are highly suspicious of Rakhine extremists in charge of the hospital for deliverately killing Rohinya patients. A local of Sittway said “most of the patients are admitted to the hospital alive and only their dead bodies are discharged.”