ZYA May 16, 2016




A Rohingya woman named Amina (40), daughter of Ezhar and her grand-child were attacked by a Rakhine driver with his vehicle and were killed on the spot in Myo Thu Gyi Village Tract, Maungdaw Township, Rakhine State.

A witness told that on 14th May, she went to take treatment for her sick grandchild named Umor Faisal, aged 14 days, son of Noor Hashim in market of Maungdaw at around 10:30 am. After the treatment, Amina, wrapping her grandchild in her arms, was returning, and when they reached at the mid-way of Razar Bill that exists in the eastern side of Myo Thu Gyi Village Tract, a loaded Tiba truck with a high speed from Mile 3 suddenly attacked the woman and her grandson and soon died on the spot.

A local said that the driver, U Pori, ran away from the spot leaving his vehicle. Then the traffic police came to the sport to check the event after about half an hour later and sent the dead bodies to the hospital of the town for postmortem. The dead bodies were surrendered to the family at 4:00 pm and were buried in the cemetery after funeral at about 7:00 pm.

The number of the vehicle that attacked the woman and the toddler was YNG-5T-1649 and the owner of the vehicle is an inhabitant of Mile 4 Rakhine village, known as U Kyaw Sin. But the driver U Pori is from Wae Thali Village of Myo Thu Gyi Village Tract.

“This attack didn’t happen suddenly but for the careless driving. Rakhine drivers drive the vehicles speedily and recklessly when they enter into the Rohingya Villages. As he was also driving the vehicle like them, this attack happened.” says another local.

The villagers told that they had earnestly requested the police station to take action against the violator of the law and to give compensation to the family taking from him.