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A Rohingya Minor Girl Shot by BGP in Rathedaung Believed to Be Dead

A Rohingya Minor Girl Shot by BGP in Rathedaung Believed to Be Dead
March 02
16:23 2015

By Saiful Rohin

Rathedaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arbitrarily shot a Rohingya minor girl in Rathedaung Township during the so-called census verification, whom people believe has been dead by now, according to the reliable sources..

The victim is identified as Zubaira Khaled, 12, daughter of U Mohammed Hashim and Daw Farizah, from ‘Auk-Nan-Yar’ village also known as Razarbill in Rathedaung Township.

It was earlier announced that 2nd March will be the last day for the prejudicial census verification in Razarbill village. Today, at about 10 am, a group of Military and BGP personal came to the village for census verification. Most of the villagers were forced to come to the village’s school premise for the census and photography. The villagers had to come in crowd to the place in order to escape further persecutions.

U Kyaw Kyi, a border guard police officer, reprimanded the crowd to disperse. Subsequently, with no hesitation, the police officer fired at the crowd with a bullet hitting, Zubaira Khaled, a minor girl, at her stomach and coming out from the other side. The police officer fired at the girl right before the eyes of the Deputy Head of the Immigration, U Tin Aung Kyaw and Deputy Commander of the BGP in Rathedaung, Lieutenant Than Zaw. They didn’t take any action against the barbaric policeman.

Later, the critically injured Zubaira was sent to Zadi-Pyin hospital but the doctors declined to admit her in the hospital. Then, she was sent to Buthidaung hospital along with her parents. Since Buthidaung hospital also refused to admit her because she is in critical condition, she was sent to the Maungdaw Hospital. However, it is unknown whether she is still alive or has passed away due to the severe wounds.

“We were forced to appear in the current discriminatory census verification. At first, when we did not appear for the census because the census is being conducted in way to tag us an image of illegal immigrants on our own land.  But many of us were arrested and tortured.

Still, there are five of our elders inside police custody and have been being tortured since they were arrested. But now, when we came for verification, they fired at us and tortured us. So, we can’t understand that we have to do now” said an old lady in the village on the condition of anonymity.

On February 8, 7 innocent Rohingyas were arrested from same village over the blatant allegations of refusing to participate in the census re-enumeration process, while many other villagers were also tortured then.

Of them, two persons were release and one of them named Boni Amin son of Ayub 22 was jailed for five years.

Other four people — Mv. Yousuf Jalal son of Sayed Ahmed 52, Mv Mohd Ali son of Hafez Ahmed 42, Iman Hussain son of Furuk Ahmed 42, Abdu Salam son of Sultan 48, two of them are religious teachers in the village have been being still tortured in the custody. Besides, the Border Guard Police forcibly shaved their beards kept as a religious requirement. The BGP also threatened the other villagers if anyone refuses to attend the so-called census verification will be treated same like these five victims.

There were only 24 Rohingya villages in Rathedaung Township amidst 24 Rakhine village tracts. Three of the Rohingya villages were uprooted during the violence against Rohingya in 2012 and placed them in IDP camps in Shilkali (Chinkali) village located nearby southern-most Maungdaw. Now, “the besieged Rohingya community in Rathedaung is under pressures of the Rakhine extremists and the government forces.

“We have become victims of harassments and tortures. We are living without any hope” said a local Rohingya victim.

Last week, a military commander from same military camp attempted to rape a woman and villagers rescued her.

Moreover, nowadays, all the villagers have to pay 1000 Kyats who want to go forest to collect firewood. The local Rohingyas are under pressure even to live inside their home” said a local Rohingya in Rathedaung.

{Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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