msa April 21, 2015

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — A Rohingya was killed by Rakhine extremists in northern Maungdaw on April 15, whereas several other innocent Rohingyas were arrested and few were critically injured by the random firing into the crowd by Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP), according to the reliable sources.

The said Rohingya killed is identified to be Sayed Ahmed (son of) Noor Ahmed, 35, a collaborator of the BGP, hails from Attet-Phyuma village in northern Maungdaw. Accusing the local Rohingya people of being responsible for his death, the BGP started to siege the village to arrest the innocent people in the region.

Locals view that the crime took place and the violence is going on in the village due to the instigation by the Border Guard Police. 

A local Rohingya in the region reported details about the incident and the current situation as follows.

“In April first week, Sayed Ahmed, a local of Attet-Phyuma village and collaborator of the Border Guard Police (BGP) in, was beaten in gang by Rakhine extremists led by the gang leader goes by the name ‘Na-Loun’ by in the Rakhine hamlet of Auk-Phyuma village tract. Therefore, Sayed Ahmed complained to the Deputy Commander of the BGP camp based in Attet-Phyuma. When he complained to the commander he worked for about that he was gang-beaten by the Rakhine extremists, the commander asked him to beat them (the Rakhine extremists) back if he encounters them.

On April 10, Sayed Ahmed encountered the Rakhine gang leader ‘Na-Loun’ crossing the Attet-Phyuma village riding a motor-bike. So, Sayed Ahmed stopped him and took the revenge. Therefore, the gang-leader left the place threatening to kill him within a week. Sayed Ahmed reported to the BGP about this threat too.

Around 11:00PM on April 15, while Sayed Ahmed and his co-villager, Rafiq (son of) Khalu, were on their way back from the BGP camp in Attet-Phyuma, they were stopped by ‘Na-Loun’s’ Rakhine extremist gangs. The Rakhine extremists stabbed 18 times with a sharp-knife until he died. Then, the extremist gang left.

Many Border Guard Police personnel arrived at the crime scene around 1:00AM of the same night. Then, without any evidence, they arrested an innocent man named Mustakh Ahmed, a labour in a fishery shop owned by U Nasser. [The fishery shop is located nearby the crime place.]

Then, upon the death-threats by the extremist gang to ‘Rafiq’, the companion of Sayed Ahmed and eye-witness of his death, he went to his (the deceased Sayed Ahmed’s) home and persuaded his wife not to include him in the crime and buck up the blames on the U Hla Myint, Ex-chairman of the village and his relatives. [U Hla Myint is in the enemy list of the said Rakhine gang].

Although the BGP know that Rafiq is the eye-witness of the crime, they didn’t investigate him. They rather started carrying out heavy raids in the Rohingya house of the village to arrest the said U Hla Myint and his relatives. Therefore, people especially men had to go into hideouts to escape from BGP’s arbitrary arrest.

Around 2:00PM on April 17, the BGP siege the village and attempting to carry out mass arrests in the village. Therefore, the villagers started running to and fro to escape to escape the arrests. The BGP opened fire at the running crowd. Two people were hit by bullets and hence critically injured. One wounded victim, Dilu (son of) Kabir Ahmed, got caught and arrested by the BGP and another victim, Kamal (son of) Nabi Hussein, got away from their hands with the help of other people. The former was later admitted to Maungdaw on April 18, and the latter is languishing and in critical condition.

Besides, The BGP arrested another innocent man called Jinnah (son of) Mustafa.”

“They are still trying to arrest many more people. They are trying to carry out violence against the people. Therefore, no man dares stay in their homes for the fear of arrests. The villagers feel that the whole round violence has been taking place due to irresponsibility and instigation by the BGP” he added more.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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