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A Rohingya Girl, Kept as a Sex Slave Recounts her Horrific Incident

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 10th December 2018

Cox’s Bazaar: A Rohingya girl kept as a sex slave since 2016 by a Burmese Police fortunately, managed to escape and reach the makeshift camps of Bangladesh on 5th December 2018, reports a source.

The Girl named Seuara D/O of Muhammed Hussain, from Kuir Hali (Leit Ya – လိပ္ရ) village of Maungdaw Township was abducted by a Burmese Police named Thay Maung in late 2016.

The girl was kept as a sex slave and was kept locked in a room for the entire day after raping her the entire night.

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When frequently she asked about her parents from the Police, who raped her, he replied that your parents were killed by us and he further threatened her to kill as well, if she denied doing anything against their wish.

After a few months, when she repeatedly cried and asked about her parents to him, she was sold to another police of Maya Wadi Post of southern Maungdaw Township Named Myi Pyin.

Even in the hand of Myi Pyin she was raped every night by 10-20 men and was kept locked the whole day.

While explaining her heartbreaking story she even mentioned the personal no. of Myi Pyin.

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“His personal no. was 243714 and he is from Maya Wadi,” tells Senurara in an exclusive interview Voice of Rohingya (VOR).

“They used to drink and then torture me with knives, wine bottles, etc. if I denied doing anything they wanted me to do,” she adds further.

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In the interview, she also mentioned her story of escape, during an occasion from the police post. She reached the shores of Bangladesh on 5th December 2018.

Senuara is not the only victim of sex slave kept in police post and military base in Arakan (Rakhine) state. Most of the similar cases goes unreported as the victims are usually killed after fulfilling their lust.

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