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A Rakhine’s Vehicle in Kyauktaw Hit a Rohingya Girl

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 22nd October 2018

Kyauktaw: A Mogh (Rakhine) while driving his vehicle in drunk condition hit a Rohingya girl and smashed both of her legs, reports a source on 20th October 2018.

The drunk Rakhine hit the innocent Rohingya girl at 6:45 PM at Phauktaw village and drove right away the vehicle on the girl’s legs. Following that she immediately fell down and her head was also critically injured.

The injured Rohingya girl in Phauktaw village of Kyauktaw Township on 20th October 2018. Image: RVISION TV

According to updates on Saturday she was in critical health condition and even if she survives, she might loose her legs.

“Even the girl survives with the critical head injuries, she might loose her legs for the entire life,” explains a local from Phauktaw village.

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According to locals, it’s not a new scene in Kyauktaw Township, where Rakhines tortures Rohingya in different manners. They are either beaten, hit with vehicles or even killed.

After state-sponsored violence of 2012 most of the Rohingya villages have been eradicated in Kyauktaw Township and now few remaining Rohingya villagers have to live in extreme fear of the Moghs (Rakhine) daily.

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