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A Rakhine Drug-Weapon Smuggling Ring Busted by Myanmar Military

Report by MYARF | Written by M.S. Anwar

18th December 2013 | Northern Maungdaw

On 11th December 2013, 10 Military personnel from the Sub-MOC base in Taung-Byo Sub-township (north-western Maungdaw bordering Bangladesh) raided Rakhine houses at the (Rakhine) village of Thaya-Gone of Thay-Chaung village tract (in the Taung-Byo sub-township) as the village is notorious for illegal weapons and drugs smuggling. [(The Sub-MOC base is operating under MOC (military operation command) 15 in Buthdaung Township.] They stopped four Rakhines suspected to be drug and weapon smugglers at a sentry post at the village. The military found a few sachets of drugs and a pistol in the suspects through body cavity search. Therefore, the military arrested them on the spot and started to interrogate them.

As the Rakhine smugglers were interrogated severely, they revealed a name of a place (between the Rakhine village and a Rohingya village) where more illegal materials such as weapons and drugs are stored. The military seized a gun, some pistols, some grenades, around 30 swords and many packets of drugs after they had raided and searched in the store-house at the mentioned place. The store-house belong to U Than Htaike, a rich Rakhine man living in the same village. The military arrested him as well and took him to the Sub-MOC cantoment base.

When interrogated, U Than Htaike admitted that Rakhine Woman Union (RWU) smuggled the weapons from Bangladesh and stored in his store-house. Rakhine Woman Union (RWU) is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and led by Daw Saw Mra Raza Lin who is also a central executive member of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). Therefore, this led Vice Regional Military Commander of Western Command (Du-Taing-Hmuu), and Military Operation Commander(Tet-Maha-Hmuu) in Buthidaung Township to visit the region the next day (i.e. on 12th December 2013).

After a few hours, they left and the military started raiding other Rakhine villages such as Kan Pyin and Ye Myat Taung in region 5, northern Maungdaw. Kan Pyin is a village where many Rakhine terrorists from both inside and outside the country gather and plot to carry out terror activities in Arakan state.

The above-mentioned village hamlet, Thaya-Gone, comprises around 20 Rakhine households. These are Bengali Rakhines brought in and established by Gen. Ne Win in 1978. Rohingya’ lands and farms were confiscated by the government and handed over to the then newly settled Rakhines.

Nowadays, many Rakhines are getting arrested red-handed with weapons all over Arakan especially in Maungdaw township bordering Bangladesh. The ultimate motive of Rakhine extremists behind killing Rohingyas and their simultaneou rebellions against the government of Myanmar is to have an independent Rakhine nation exclusively belong to Rakhine Buddhists.

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