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A Pregnant Rohingya Woman Denied of Admission to Maung Daw Hospital, Face Untimely Demise

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

November 7, 2013

Maung Daw, ArakanAt around 7AM on 5th November 2013, Rakhine authority at Maung Daw General Hospital denied a pregnant Rohingya woman of admission to the the hospital. She was about to deliver her baby at the time and the denial of admission caused her to face untimely demise around 10AM of the day.

“At around 7AM on 5th November 2013, Abdul Ghafur S/o Ghani Meah took his pregnant wife, Rashidah (Age 39), to Maung Daw General Hospital as it was his wife’s pregnancy due time. They are from Quarter (5) (eastern part), Maung Daw. The authority and the nurses (most of them are Rakhine extremists) at the hospital didn’t allow her to get admitted to the hospital.

Rather, they abused saying “this hospital is not for Kulars (the derogatory term used against the people of Indian descends and also Muslims nowadays) like you. Go and get her admitted to the clinics of your Grand-fathers and Grand-mothers, Kular-Phyu (the derogatory term used for European whites).

As she was denied of admission to the hospital, she was taken back to the her house. There, her family tried to help her deliver baby by tradional means. Unfortunately, she passed away together with her unborn baby, around 10AM of the day, leaving her husband and three children behind” said an elderly Rohingya in Maung Daw.

“They are not giving any treatement to Rohingyas as the repercussion of what happened earlier at the Sittwe General Hospital (Read Report Here). In the past, there were instances that Rohingya patients were killed by the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They are implmenting open facist, neo-nazi and ethnic cleansing policies at the hospital. And no one is there to take any action against them” he continued.



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  1. Frances Rosemary Hayday Frances Rosemary Hayday August 24, 2014

    The agony sustained by the ROHINGYA by the slow burning genocide of the racist Rakhine, is almost beyond comprehension

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