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A Media Delegation Interrogated Trapped Rohingya of No Man’s Land

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 28th October 2018

Zero-Point: A media delegation visited Rohingya trapped at no man’s land and interrogated about their current situation today (28th October), report sources.

In today’s media interrogation, a Rohingya representative named Dil Muhammed from the area answered their questions.

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From various question, one of the important question was about the their repatriation.

In answer to that, Dil Muhammed answered that they are ready to go whenever the situation is safe for them.

“When we came in the beginning we thought we will just have to stay few weeks and then we could return. But, now the situation have turned worse day by day,” replied Muhammed when asked about their plan of sheltering at Zero-point.

[UN Envoy Meeting Rohingya at Zero-point on 18th June 2018. Image: RVISION TV]

He further added that they will only return if their rights and citizenship is restored along with international protection.

Media delegation included Burmese media, Channel 4, Swiss channel and many others were included in the team.

Since 2016, nearly 6000 Rohingya are trapped at no man’s land and since then they are waiting to return with dignity and security.

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