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A List of Money Extortion from Innocent Rohingyas by the Village Administrator of U-Daung Village, Maung Daw

Report by Sindhi Khan | Written by M.S. Anwar

October 17, 2013

U-Daung is a Rohingya village in Southern Maung Daw, Arakan, Myanmar (Burma). However, by the village, there are some Model Villages established post 1990. These model villages are made up of Bangladeshi Rakhines (settled in Arakan after 1990), Ex-Rakhine militants and some slum-dwelling Burmans from central Burma.

Nowadays, the rule is that even if there is only one Rakhine family living in a Rohingya village, the administrator of the village have to be from that Rakhine family. Therefore, as it is in other parts of Maung Daw and Buthidaung (the only Rohingya majority areas in Arakan), the village administrator of the village of U-Daung is a Rakhine racist called Htin Maung.

The village administrator, with the collaboration Rakhine police and Hlun Htein (security force) etc, has been harrasing Rohingya villagers and extorting money from them for a long time. Below mentioned is a list of Rohingya villagers from whom the village administrator has squeezed money since May 2013.

U Daung

Therefore, since May 2013, the village administrator Tin Maung has extorted a total Kyay 9,395,000 through arbitrary allegations, tortures and arrests in cooperation with Rakhine Police and Security Force. Yet, many times, money extortion from Rohingya villagers by the administrator has gone unrecored.