A List of Human Traffickers: Trafficking Rohingyas by Boats 2

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A List of Human Traffickers: Trafficking Rohingyas by Boats 2

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For Part 1 of the list list, please visit: A List of Human Traffickers: Trafficking Rohingyas by Boats 1

People of different nationalities have long involved in the human trafficking ring trafficking the persecuted and violence-hit Rohingya people from the Arakan state of Myanmar (Burma) by (rickety) boats to Thailand to Malaysia and ultimately to Australia .

To start with, some Rohingya people on grassroots –hit by severe economic crises since the violence in 2012– have involved in coaxing their own people in Arakan as their trafficking victims. These traffickers are largely cooperated and facilitated by the Myanmar authority since the authority’s intention is to cleanse or drive out the Rohingya by any means possible.

The restriction on the movement of the Rohingya people is widely known, whereas the authority provides the human traffickers free access to travel across the regions in Arakan to lure victims for trafficking. Hence, the intention of the Myanmar government is quite apparent.

Let us first start with the list of human traffickers on the grassroots in Arakan state, Burma.


List of Myanmar’s Officials Involved in Human Trafficking

No.NamePersonal No.PositionBase
1Colonel Kyaw Khaing WinDSA No. 35G1, Frontline Naval Operation CommanderKyaukphyu Naval Base
2Major Tin Zaw HlattDSA No. 41Naval Ship 552Kyaukphyu Naval Base
3Captain Kyaw Zeya OoNavy BC 4527Naval Ship 412Kyaukphyu Naval Base
4Sergeant Saw San Oo Defence Security Intelligence, Naval Kyaukphyu Naval Base

*Kyaukphyu Base is under Dhayawaddi Region Command in Sittwe. 


List of Thai Citizens Involved in Human Trafficking

NameLocations/ CitizensStatusWhat he/she does
Ko Naik (Pashshu Malay)Ranong, ThailandHead of the Traffickers & boss/brother in-law of recently Trafficker AnwarHandles Trafficking boats & Detention Centres
Haji Haroon (Pashshu Malay)Ranong, Thailand & Kaw Thaung Myanmar2nd Head of the Traffickers & Higly Connected with Thai Gov’t OfficialsHandles Trafficking boats & now shifted the victims to Pulau antara Bangsa, International Island
Haji Saan (Pashshu Malay)ThailandHolding Multinational Passports, Speaks Fluent BurmeseKnown as God-Father of Human Trafficking & Boss of Malaysia Based Trafficker, Hashim
Bangrof [sic]ThailandOwner of many boats and shipsPersonally send boats to bring people
Younger Brother of Trafficker BanglangThailandStarted Trafficking newly after his brother Banglang died 
Haji HasanThailand Sends his own boats to fetch victims
KoranThailandUnder-cover high profile trafficker 
Haji BenThailandHusband of Notorious female trafficker ‘KAKANI’ & Boss of recently Arrested Trafficker ‘Ayaz’Husband & wife duo send 2–3 boats at a time
BesoThailandOwner of many boatsSends his own boats to fetch victims
Haji DeenThailand  

List of Bangladeshis Involved in Human Trafficking

No.Name Location
1Salim & his partners Johor Baru, Malaysia (Originally Bangladeshis)
2Shariff Bangladesh
3Jaafar Penang, Malaysia (Originally from Sittwe, Akyab)
4Osman Southern Thailand (Originally from Teknaf, Bangladesh

List of Rohingyas (abroad) Involved in Human Trafficking

No.Name Based inStatusWhat he/she did/does
1Anwar ThailandRecently Arrested, Has 3 Wives, 2 Thai Citizens & One Myanmar, Husband of Traffickers’ Boss, K Naik’s Sister 
2Ali ThailandOne of the Main Traffickers from Rohingya Community, Boss of Trafficker Soyadul HoqueSends boats with his own costs to fetch victims, Raped many Women & Killed Many People
3Hashim Puchong, MalaysiaWorks under High Profile Trafficker Haji Saan, Onwer of the recently captured with 1000 People in LangkawaiNotorious Trafficker from Rohingya Community & Sends boats with his own costs to fetch victim
4Amin Puchong, MalaysiaYounger Brother of the Trafficker, Hashim 
5Azimullah Thailand-Malaysia Raped many Women & Killed Many People
6Hamid Thailand Sends boats with his own costs to fetch victims
7Abdul Hafiz Thailand Sends boats with his own costs to fetch victims
8Hameed Puchong, MalaysiaHis whole family invovles in human traffickingSends boats with his own costs to fetch victims
9Zafar Thailand Sends boats with his own costs to fetch victims
10Ismail MalaysiaNotorious TraffickerKilled Many people & Raped many women
11Mv Abdur Rahim Teknaf, Bangladesh  
12 Kamal Alor Setar, Malaysia  
13Jahangir Southern Thailand  
14Soyadul Hoque Zafar Ahmed Southern Thailand (Originally from Maungdaw) 
15Rafique Southern ThailandCollaborate with other TraffickersSend boats to smuggle Bangladeshi migrants
16Ramzan Southern Thailand  
17Mv Abdul Razak Lukman Hakim Malaysia  

List of Rohingyas (at home) Involved in Human Trafficking

No.Name Locations
1Ayub s/0  Arbu Zee-Bin Chaung, N. Maungdaw
2Abul Hussain Kwan-Thin-Bin, N. Maung Daw
3Noor Hashim s/o Sayed Ullah Ngan-Chaung, northern Maung Daw
4Marda Khatun  Maung-Namma (Mondama), N. Maung Daw
5Naju Uddin Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
6Abdul Hannan s/o Yunose Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
7Hafizur Rahman s/o Abdur Rahim Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
8Abdur Rahim s/o Abdul Gaffar Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
9Kabir Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
11Ikram s/o Mason Gawduthara, S. Maungdaw
12Jamal s/o Musa Akbar Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Daang-Khali), S. Maungdaw
12Salimullah s/o Abu Sayed Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Daang-Khali), S. Maungdaw
14Yasin Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Daang-Khali), S. Maungdaw
15Jamil Pa-Nyaung-Pin-Gyi (Daang-Khali), S. Maungdaw
16Manir Ahmed s/o Rashid Ahmed Kayintan (Gojjondia), Padin vill, S. Maungdaw
17Salamu s/o Ali akbar Kayintan (Gojjondia), Padin vill, S. Maungdaw
18Abdul Kadir s/o Shawru Kayintan (Gojjondia), Padin vill, S. Maungdaw
19Fayas s/o Mv Mason Kayintan (Gojjondia), Padin vill, S. Maungdaw
20Abdul Hamid s/o Khala Kayintan (Gojjondia), Padin vill, S. Maungdaw
21Khairul Hoque Maung Ni Fara, Myoma Kayin-Dan (Shidda Fara) vill


* S. stands for South/Southern

* N. stands for North/Northern

Important Note: The list has been being compiled for a few months for various reliable direct sources on the ground in Arakan and in other countries. Some changes might have been occurred since the beginning date of the data compilation. Therefore, it is advised that further confirmation is necessary before taking action against any of the specific human traffickers mentioned above.

For Part 1 of the list list, please visit: A List of Human Traffickers: Trafficking Rohingyas by Boats 1.

For more inquiries, please email to: editor@rvisiontv.com



By May 21, 2015 03:20

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