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A Dead Body of Rohingya Woman Found in Maung Daw High School Premise

Report by Sindhi Khan and MYARF | Written By M.S. Anwar

September 19, 2013

Maung Daw, Arakan: Around 3PM on 17th September 2013, some students were playing football at the field in Maung Daw High School compound. As they were playing, the ball reached and fell on the bush nearby the wall at south-eastern part of the school. When they went to pick up the ball, they spotted a dead body buried among the bushes. A hand and hairs of a woman appeared on the ground as it had rained earlier.

When the students carefully looked at the dead body, they felt that the dead body was of a Rohingya woman. She was thought to be around 19 (year-old). As soon as they informed the school authority, the military from the camp within the school premise went to the place and packed the corpse. Afterwards, themilitary took dead body to an unknown place. (Note: There is a military camp within the school premise.) Besides, the Rakhine teachers asked Rohingya students not to tell anything about corpse to anyone.

There are many Rohingya girls and women whose guardians were either killed by the authority or handed lengthy jail terms. Consequently, they have no one to protect them from danger. Military and Security Force in Arakan often kidnap Rohingya girls and women taking advantage of their vulnerable situation. Then, they rape or gang-rape them. If they die, they are buried wherever possible. And it is widespread.

Maung Daw High School (Photo: Google Map)
Maung Daw High School (Photo: Google Map)