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RVISION March 31, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents| 31st March 2018 Maungdaw: Burmese forces once again raided a village in northern Maungdaw, where they abused and tortured Rohingya inhumanly along with arresting 3 youths, reports a local from the area. At around 8 AM a team of military raided Burashiddafara (Oo kya Kyar) village of Maungdaw and abused […]

RVISION March 21, 2018

MAUNGDAW:  “We want to live peacefully like other communities in Myanmar. We don’t need to be discriminated (against),” 51-year-old Dil Mohammed shouted from across barbed wire fencing in the “no man’s land” area between Myanmar and Bangladesh. However this is no simple task, especially in violence-stricken Maungdaw in Myanmar’s nothern Rakhine state. More than half […]

RVISION February 6, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2018 Maungdaw: Extremists Mohgs (Rakhines) conducted illegal protests and threaten to bomb blast the school in Maungdaw Town on 5th February 2018, reports villagers. A vehicle carrying a group of extremist Moghs (Rakhines) started an illegal protest against the Rohingya at 08:00 AM and fired in the […]

RVISION February 6, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 6th February 2018 Maungdaw: Extremists Moghs (Rakhines) torched remaining houses in Shiarafara Village of Maungdaw Township on 5th February 2018, report sources. A bunch of extremist Moghs (Rakhines) arrived in the Fukfara (westside) of Shiarafara village at 09:00 PM and torched the remaining Rohingya houses and left the region […]

RVISION January 27, 2018

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 27th January 2018 Maungdaw: Once again extremists Moghs (Rakhines) blazed a Rohingya house and Burmese fire brigade arrested an innocent Rohingya from quarter 3 of Maungdaw township today (27th January 2018), reports an eyewitness. At around 12:30 PM 6 – 7 extremists Moghs (Rakhines) arrived from the nearby Rakhine […]

RVISION December 21, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondent | 21st December 2017 Maungdaw: 10 Rohingya bodies found in mass graves unfolded on 18th December 2017 by the Burmese authorities from Andang (Inn Din) village of Southern Maungdaw have been identified by our sources on 20th December 2017. The 10 Victims were arrested on 31st August 2017, whom were […]

RVISION December 12, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 12th December 2017 Maungdaw: Border Guard Police (BGP) arrests innocent Rohingyas in different villages of Maungdaw by accusing falsely and demanded money over their illegal arrest, reports sources. Authorities stationed in their camps at Nurullah village and accused an innocent Rohingya of being connected with the armed group and […]

RVISION December 9, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 9th December 2017 Arakan: Military arrested a Rohingya, demanding money over his release and Border Guard police (BGP) conducted illegal checks and extorted money in each stage of census, reports sources. A group of Border Guard Police (BGP) from Yaung Chaung camp arrived in the villages of Kiyazoningyafara (Thagey […]

RVISION December 3, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 3rd December 2017 Maungdaw: Burmese authorities flagrantly bulldozed 16 mosques out of 17 mosques in villages of Haindafara, Maungdaw township since last week according to eyewitnesses and updates received today (3rd December 2017). villages in the area of Haindafara were under massive fire since the beginning of unrest in […]

RVISION November 2, 2017

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 2nd November, 2017 Maungdaw: Military designed starvation left 10 Rohingyas dead on the trapped sea shores and beaches on different borderline area of Maungdaw Township on 1st November, 2017, reports suffering victims from different areas. An estimated no of 12, 700 Rohingyas from different evacuated villages of Buthidaung Township […]