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6 Innocent Rohingyas Arrested by Border Guard Police to be Imprisoned

By Aung Naing Oo ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) arrested six innocent Rohingyas during a raid at Baggona village in southern Maungdaw on Monday morning, whom are now likely to be imprisoned under arbitrary sections, according to the reliable sources.

Besides, the Border Guard Police were from Gawdu Thara Bridge-Camp and led by the camp commander Major Nyein Chan Aye during the raid. They brutally tortured the arrested the victims, the sources added.

“It was around 1:00 O’Clock Monday morning. The Border Guard Police joint with some military personnel numbering around 50 in total raided the southern part of Baggona West hamlet. There were no good reasons for the raids. They said it was just to arrest some suspected people.

However, they always do so just with a view to looting Rohingyas’ properties at night and to raping their women. They vandalize their homes” said an elderly Rohingya in Maungdaw asking not to be named. 

When asked whom were the victims of the arrests and how the BGP treated the people, he continued “the victims arrested are:
1) Yassin (son of) Ahmed Hussein, 67
2) Idiris (son of) Sultan, 55
3) Rahmat Ullah (son of) Aman Ullah, 45
4) Amanat Shah (son of) Kalimullah, 26
5) Amanullah (son of) Hassan, 25
6) Abdul Hoque (son of) Noor Mohammed, 25

They were arrested for no reasons at all. Of them, Yassin, 67, was inhumanely tortured and so he is currently in Maungdaw General Hospital. Rahmat Ullah, 45, is a mentally challeged person. He was too tortured severely as he tried to flee in fear.

They are now in Maungdaw Police Detention. The Border Guard Police is demanding Kyat 6 Million from the relatives of the arrestees if they want the police not to torture the arrestees. Besides, BGP is tried to imprison them charging them under some arbitrary sections like public nuisances. When the BGP can’t do charge them with such sections without the permission of the Township Administration, now the police are trying other sections like illegal possession of Bangla Mobile Phones and Curfew Section 144.

None of the offenses under the sections mentioned above have been comitted by the arrestees.

[blockquote style=”1″]Sadly, this is a country where arm forces rule over the Judicial System and the Courts.[/blockquote]

Another innocent Rohingya named Kassim (son of) Ashraf Meah, 56, was arbitrarily arrested on October 20 morning. He has been being tortured in detention.”

It has been learnt that some community black-sheeps like Amir Ali from Foyra hamlet and Nurullah hamlet of Baggona village tract are collaborating with the BGP in raiding and torturing the innocent Rohingya people.

Myanmar's Border Guard Police Raid and Vandalize Rohingya at Any Gven Time (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)
Myanmar’s Border Guard Police Raid and Vandalize Rohingya Homes at Any Given Time (Photo: MFQ/ Rohingya Vision)

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