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6 Guiltless Rohingys Arbitrarily Arrested in BGP and Military Join Raid

By RVision TV Correspondent

26th July, 2017

Maungdaw- Border Guard Police (BGP) and military raided at Rwe Nyou Taung in northern Maungdaw, Arakan State, Burma from where 6 guiltless Rohingya youths were arrested on July 25, reports a reliable source.  

Some military soldiers and BGP had been jointly besieging the village- Rwe Nyou Taung- from 3 am to sunrise yesterday. When it was around 7 am, the forces entered into the houses and searched the illegal things everywhere but found nothing.

Then, they ordered the men and women to leave the houses whom were gathered in the premises of the government primary school situated in the village. After that the forces checked the residents according to the family lists arresting 6 innocent youths before giving the freedom of returning to their respective houses at two o’clock in the afternoon.

Among the arrestees, four identified fellows are:

  1. Kefayad Ullah, son of Mamad Kobir, 19,
  2. Kobir Ahmad, son of Huson Ahmad, 20,
  3. Hala, son of Fuittha, 24 and
  4. Abu, son of Shomshu, 20.

Pondering over the ongoing raids against Rohingya, a local human rights activist said, “BGP and military are jointly conducting raids discriminately in the peaceful villages and arresting the innocent  big-guns of the Rohingyas and the youths arbitrarily. It is a plan of destabilization of the villages through oppressions and suppressions.  

“Arbitrary arrests have become a great obstacle for Rohingy farmers to cultivate land which will cause famine later. This is the well-planned tactic of the government to drive out the Rohingyas keeping in starvation”

It has been heard reportedly that Burma brutal regime has vowed to drive out entire Rohingya community at any cost so that they can easily get all of their properties and possessions which will be distributed among the Rakhines.

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