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5 Year Old Boy Killed in Landslide in Maungdaw

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — A five-year-old Rohingya boy died in Maungdaw Township last Saturday after a landslide triggered by heavy rains.

The landslide destroyed a home at ‘Kyar Kaung Taung’ village in northern Maungdaw at around 9:00AM on June 27. While the members of the family managed to escape, the little boy got stuck in the house and subsequently died.

The deceased child is identified to be Firdaus U Amir Mumeen. It was a small house belonged to the poor man, U Amir Mumeen.

“Although the family has lost a child and their home got devastated by the landslide, no authorities came forward to help or morally support them.

Rather, the Border Guard Police (BGP) from the camp in ‘Kyaar Kaung Taung’ village summoned U Amir Mumeen (the father of the child) to their camp on June 28 to explain the cause of the death of his son. And they were demanding penalty for the incident taken place.

After the village administrator, U Sharid Ullah, explained the BGP that he would not be able to pay any money because he was a poor man, he lost a child and his home got destroyed, the BGP released him without extorting any money” said a local of the region.

“The villagers are extremely disturbed with the irresponsible behaviour by the BGP. They were trying to extort money from a victim of natural disaster instead of helping him” he continued.

The recent heavy monsoon rains also caused heavy floods all over Arakan state considered to be the worst flood in decades.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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