Shuaib June 23, 2017

By RVision TV Correspondent

23rd June, 2017

Maungdaw- Myanmar security forces raided in northern Maungdaw, Arakan on 22, June where they arrested four local worshipers from a mosque but released them the next day after harassment, and have been detaining other two, according to our correspondent.

In northern Maungdaw, 64 members of military soldiers and police jointly besieged the mosque situated nearby No. (2), sectarian camp of Border Guard Police (BGP) at night on 22, June. When they entered into the mosque, they found four local Rohingya men in it devoted to Allah for the last ten days of the holy Ramadan.

Without any interrogation, they handcuffed them. Along with the arrestees, they came to Lamba Bill village, where they forcibly penetrated into some houses on the pretext of checking and then looted the money they found there.  Besides, they arrested five innocent people from there.

After that, the forces came to Shashi Prang village of the same area and arbitrarily arrested a few Rohingya men, altogether eleven people and took them to the camp informing that the villagers or the relatives would meet the military and police in the camps with the family censuses of the arrestees.

A local elderly said, “When we went there with the censuses in early morning, military released them but asked the victims to meet them again after 8 am today. Its means they must be compelled to give money as much as the military demands.”

At night, military and police verbally abused and threatened them doing racial and religious discrimination, said one of the arrestees.

In another incident on the day, BGP from No. (1) Sector arrested two locals going to work from Htoun Chaung, Hlain Thi Village Track on the accusation of using Bangladeshi SIM cards and have been detaining them, according to our correspondent.

The victims are Mohammad Hussein, son of Mohammad Ali, 22 from Htoun Chaung village and Murshed Ahmad, son of Kobir Ahmad from the west of Tanhali village of the same village tract.

Myanmar security forces have been raiding and plundering the Rohingya villages across northern Arakan since October, 2016 and arresting innocent people arbitrarily. Of them, some are jailed without giving chance of hiring lawyers and some are killed in the detention centers.

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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