Shuaib September 8, 2016

Maungdaw- Four Rohingya, carrying on the duty of night guard in the villages, were severely beaten and extorted money by the eight heads of 100 houses alleging them of carelessness in southern Maungdaw, Arakan, said a local.

The four Rohingya are namely Aenamulla, 45, son of Siddik; Jumbu, 37, son of Boshor; Ayas, 18, son of Bodu Rahman and Monzur Rahman, 37, son of Foyas hailing from Maungtula Hamlet under Alethein Kyaw village tract.

The four were given the duty of night guard by the heads in the village to watch the Rohingya movement at night on 29, August.

While the heads were giving round in the village at mid-night, the night guards did not light up the torches and din not asked them too who they were because they knew that their heads of 100 houses were coming to check them. But the heads took that chance and started beating them mercilessly.

Finally, they took them to the home of a head named Foyas where they extorted 80 thousands Kyats from the innocent night guards.

The aforesaid eight heads of 100 houses are the real informers of the village head and the sectorial officer of Sector-7 of Border Guard Police (BGP). As the heads are instigated by them to torture the villagers, they have become the blood-suckers of the Rohingya people.

 Edited by: M. Shuaib

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