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Connecting Hidden Dots Episode 1: 360 with MD Noor on Rohingya Genocide and Mogh

Analysis by MD Noor

Rohingya Genocide-Is it just what we are seeing today? Or there are many unrevealed facts and root causes why this ethnic cleansing started and why we are in this state today? Is it enough what we know about this genocide or many more to explain further? Today in this episode we are going to join the dots of these facts so it turns into a shape in front of the Rohingyas and globally.

In the beginning we are going to look towards the Arakan and how many races are and were there? How are we divided today? Is it what we ourselves got divided or is it pre-planned? Why are we unable to live in peace, when we have lived for generations before with peace and harmony together with all the races? Is it just clashes between races, coincidence or planned? Today we will view this issue of Arakan with an analytical view. Furthermore we will see how all these races got separated. As a result this mass exodus occurred.

Today in this episode at first we are going to look at Mough,who is another group like Rohingyas. Who are they? What are their interests? And why these are so much interested in this violence on Rohingyas? What is their interest on Rohingyas? What they want from Arakan? And finally from Burma and the international community?

Secondly we will explain and analyze about the Burmese? Who are they? And they want from Rohingyas? Finally we will look at Rohingyas,who are they? And why are they persecuted so much in their own mother land in our next episodes.

We now focus on Mough(Rakhine).To understand them,we should first look at their politics,what matters to them? And finally what’s their system inside their generation that enraged them so much against Rohingyas. Geographic location of Arakan is too strategic. So many people are interested on that land from both internally and externally.

Mough have a party known as Arakan liberation party (ALP).Which was founded on 1967 with their aim to separate Arakan from Myanmar. On 11th June 1989 this party came to an agreement with parties of Rohingyas known as ARIF,RNP and ALP.As to achieve peace and harmony,groups living in Arakan have to work and live in collaboration. In their charter of agreement they have clearly mentioned the groups that belongs to Arakan.Which includes Rohingyas,Mough,kami,Dainey and thaa. From this we can clearly understand that Mough themselves have recognized,even 30-40 years back. Who are denying to recognize Rohingyas today.

In their document in the agreement they have clearly stated and proved some facts. Before 1789 Arakan was a separate dynasty.In 1784 Arakan was captured by a Burmese king named Budha Piya. In 1826 British captured it. After ruling for many years,when the time of independence came Britain combined separate Arakan dynasty with Myanmar in 1948.So this party aimed to separate Arakan as it was clear that Arakan was a separate dynasty till 1784.

Following the agreement Mough wanted to separate as it does not like Burmese, to share their land and to get along with Burmanization. Where Burmese wants to make all the races and groups to get along with Burmese culture and tradition. So why did Mough betrayed their agreement with Rohingyas?

When Mough have realized that Rohingyas are getting weak and disunited and they can no longer be helpful in their aim to separate Arakan. Following that ALP started a new plan to work along with Mough of Teknaf, Bangladesh. Where they work mutually, politically and economically so that they can achieve their aim. Which is the major plan and policy of ALP.

ALP shows that they are working diplomatically and they have no interest in developing armed groups.So they formed an armed group with a different name ALA (Arakan Liberation Army).It was founded on 1969 with the support of Kecchin army ,who are fighting with Burmese army. It was formed with the intention to rebel by fighting.

In June 2012, when the Genocide on Rohingyas strated,it was ALA who were mainly involved. According to RVision analysis and other proven facts we can say that it was ALA who was responsible for this Genocide.In percentage if we measure 55% is their share separately, under the supervision of ALP.

We can conclude by their activities, if we see at the time of violence the people involved were well trained.They committed them  in a very well organized way, where 1 shot or attack was enough to kill and devastate these innocent people. So they were well trained, pre-planned by ALA and executed by ALP  and state sponsored too by the Burmese junta to reach their ultimate goal of Genocide.

If we look further in the cause of violation, we can see that mostly the government officials (ex:police,BGP,etc) are mough and ALA (Arakan Liberation Army) are also Moghs so these both worked in collaboration in this state-sponsored violence. Not only that the way they committed  them were extremely cruel and inhuman were they arbitrarily extorted, arrested, raped and murdered, etc.

We looked earlier from many angles of Moughs in this episode.Now we are going to looked at another angle is AA (Arakan Army).It was founded in 2008 to defeat ALP and ALA. They are an army wing of the kecchin army who are against the Burmese junta.The difference between ALP and AA is that ALP is the they extremely inhuman and brutal against the people of their own land, whereas AA wants to achieve its rights without doing any inhuman activities and politics. But unfortunately they held a meeting with ALP on 27/4/2014 so they agreed to work with together to increase the violence and persecution on Rohingyas.

Now they started this army with around 400-500 people in 2008.From that time they kept on increasing in number. They are well trained and organized as they kept on rebelling and fighting against the Burmese junta. So they in collaboration with ALP became extremely strong enough to complete the ethenic cleansing.

Let us now move to the political angle of Arakan. The RNDP party who are politically participating in election to gain the seats of Parliament on behalf of Arakan.This party is led by A Maung. Another politically participating group is ALD (Arakan League for Democracy).These both parties were extreme rivals of each other. We concluded this fact as the head of ALD accused RNDP that they have been bribed by China for their own interests. But now even they united together to achieve the target of Genocide in both politically and Armed wise.

As an evidence on 17/4/2014,the chairman of ALP sent a secret letter to Arakan (Rakhine)state Minister about the resources in Arakan, its importance both geographically and naturally, its strategic location which makes it a perfect location for both Myanmar and other interested countries. They also explained why countries like China, U.S.A, India, EU, Russia, etc helping them in their Myanmar’s target to achieve its objectives on Arakan especially. Even on many social networking they have indicated about their aim of separating Arakan.

So it’s obvious that the Burmese junta is quite aware of the plans of Moughs and their aims. But they pretend to not know about it and continued to work together in their mutual interest of Rohingya Genocide.

After looking at the many important political and armed angle, we now focus on the most important angle, which will help us to know the duration of the plans of Mough and their ultimate objective.Another organization in known as UPDF (United People’s democratic Front) who operates through the border of Arakan and Bangladesh. They are a group consisting of Bengali Mough living in their homeland Bangladesh. They also consist of many minorities of Bangladesh.

They also trained themselves and have reached in many high rankings in Bangladesh army and political fields and business wise too. They are working in collaboration with Mough(ALP,ALA,RNDP,AA,etc) of Myanmar in the area of Bangladesh and Myanmar border to achieve their target on Arakan.

To understand their ultimate objective, we will highlight the geographical history of Arakan and Bangladesh. The Chittagong division which is now in Bangladesh’s map originally was a part of Arakan back 300-400 years back. So the generation still believes and poses ownership towards it. So they are still in plans to gain it back.

Finally when both of their objective is met they are working together in different way from both sides.Whree UPDF is working to take Chittagong separately from Bangladesh so that they can form in union with Arakan the Moughs of Arakan, where they are also trying to liberate Arakan from Burma.

Now question arises where does Rohingya comes in this matter, where objective is same. It’s we Rohingyas now who became a barrier to their selfish aims as we own and belongs from the land of Arakan. So they are implementing their inhuman and unjustified aim by this extreme inhuman persecution. And they are quite closer and successful in their aim.

All these games are being played back stage where both are empowering themselves politically, military, etc wise to get ownership of lands, where both are holding nationality of both the countries. So that they can shift to vise-versa according to their needs and in strengthening their relationship for their future planning. To divert people’s attention about their planning and to achieve it, in 2014 on Dhaka tribunal a referendum was released that Burma should Liberate Arakan for Rohingyas. They accused that Rohingyas are in violence as they want Arakan separately.

Now the question arises how come a persecuted minority, who are now in extreme torture, abuse, in hunger and thirst, and made homeless wants their land, where they themselves are unaware how they are being used as  a weapon for others objectives. Finally according evidence and Rvision analysis we came to know the plans, policies and their ultimate aim of Mough with the signboard of Rohingyas.

Where they are planning,but accusing us!

They are persecuting but blaming Rohingyas to be the root cause!

Mough themselves want to gain selfish motives,but pointing Rohingyas!

In our next episodes we will try to connect all the dot of interests: Mough,Burma,International powers!

[Translated by Arifa]