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300 Rohingya Prisoners Taken as Porters to the Frontline in Kachin State

By Aung Naing Oo ׀ Buthidaung, Arakan State

At least 300 Rohingya Prisoners in Buthidaung Prison were taken to Kachin State last Saturday early morning, where Myanmar’s military will likely subject them as porters in the frontline of the ongoing battlefield, the internal sources say.

It has been learnt that of the prisoners, there would be around 50 under-aged children detained without any trials and around 80 people are over the age of 80. The remaining people are of the age ranging from 18 to 60.

“The inmates said there were around 300 prisoners taken as porters to the battlefield in Kachin State. It was during early morning of Saturday that the authority took them out of the prison with several trucks. Of them, they believe there were around 50 under-aged children and 80 old people.

Those who were able to bribe Kyat 100,000 to the jail authority were taken as porters. They too fear that they will face the same destiny sooner or later” said a Rohingya (requesting to withhold his identity) that visited his relative in the prison.

Locals of Buthidaung say that they saw the prisoners were loaded on the ships and being taken to Sittwe.

Thousands of innocent Rohingya people have been arrested under the false charges of inciting violence in June 2012. Most of them were not provided rights to the fair trails or the legal procedure and have been arbitrarily detained for infinite jail terms.

The cases of the under-age children are the worst ones. They been have detained without any charges let alone the fair trials.

Moreover, in the prison, there have always been cases that the jail police and border guard police (BGP) commit extra-judicial killings of the inmates or the detainees.

Meanwhile, the three innocent people recently arrested and detained in allegation to the so-called bomb explosions in Buthidaung have been severely tortured.

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“The brutal police have crippled them. They have broken the waist of one and the neck of another. They have become almost paralyzed. They can’t move at all” added the above-mentioned person that saw of the plight of the people.

The Arbitrary Arrests of Innocent Children and Men Continue until today. Many of them are killed in detention.
The Arbitrary Arrests of Innocent Children and Men Continue until today. Many of them are killed in detention.

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