RVISION June 30, 2017

By Qadar | 30th June 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese police along with Rakhine extremists (Moghs) raided Myint Gyi (Tulatuli) village of Northern Maungdaw where they arrested 3 innocent Rohingyas on 29th June, 2017, reports a suffering local.

In the incident at 7:30 PM Myanmar authorities including current village administrator, around 15 police and 10 Rakhine extremists (Moghs) gathered and sieged the entire village raiding all night and abused Rohingyas whom they met in shops and other public places.

In the raided they arrested 3 innocent Rohingya at 7:50PM , while these 3 victims were coming back from neighboring farms lands and then took them to the police custody.

Later after one hour one victim was released by extorting 250, 000 kyats, and the second one was released by extorting 100, 000 kyats. According to our report third Rohingya is still in their custody as he is unable to settle their big injustice demand and is in incommunicado.

Locals explains them as innocent poor villagers, who run their family by working on other’s farms lands on daily basis. The victim are identified to be:

1) Halaboda-40 (still in police custody)

2) Ahmad Huson s/o Nobi Huson-43 (released after money extortion)

3) Sawyodul Islam s/o Noor Alom-35 (released after money extortion)

Daily raids, arrest abnd money extortion have made lives of the Rohingyas vulnerable and intolerable to live in their own ancestral land “Arakan”.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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